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Third trimester continued

Greetings from 38 weeks of pregnancy! Now that I’m coming up on the end of the third trimester, basically life is pregnancy and baby prep, and wanted to jot down a few memories of all of it.

We were able to get back into our house two weeks ago–thank goodness–and then the baby prep really began in earnest.  At that point, I was 35 weeks and feeling VERY overwhelmed by all that we still had to do.  So, I called in reinforcements…

Mom kindly flew up to help!! It was such a relief having her here.  We basically had one full day and she got a TON done.  Stocked up on essentials at Costco, put together a bunch of furniture, and she cooked many delicious meals to freeze for post-baby.

That night, I finally began to feel a bit calmer.  I kept thinking about how much I needed help from my mom, and how much I still felt like a child….it is wild to think about being a mother myself.  I just hope I’m as helpful as she is!

Anyway, while washing and folding teeny-tiny clothes that night and feeling a bit more prepared….our washing machine flooded.  Of course! Thankfully, it was just an issue with the pipe and everything is working now.

Wednesday was my last day commuting until I return after leave.  My colleagues were amazing and surprised me with a very festive Cascarones and Martinellis send-off!  I’m so grateful to work for such a supportive organization and work with the kindest people. Working from home full-time for the next two weeks/baby’s arrival.

We were in Sacramento Saturday and took advantage of the proximity to IKEA to pick up some final storage/organization pieces.  Think we have almost everything stored away..and now we wait.  PS-have baskets always been so popular? /the answer to all problems? According to Pinterest (or at least my feed), the secret to happiness seems to be: baskets, gallery walls, brass fixtures and ranunculus.

This photo is from a few days ago.  Grateful that the baby seems to be cozy and content-and thankful for some extra time-though, admittedly, getting more and more anxious about labor and the reality of everything.  Trying to stay calm, hopeful, and go with whatever happens.

While David gave a presentation in Sacramento Saturday morning, and I explored the WAL Public Market and got a coffee and pastry at Temple. It’s strange, I’ve been to Sacramento a bunch of times, but rarely on the weekend.  It was a beautiful day! Yesterday, the Stockton Symphony performed the Music of John Williams.  David’s face when they began playing the theme song from Jurassic Park–priceless.  So much joy. I even got a little emotional and I don’t even really like Jurrassic Park!

Two more days until March!



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Dillon Beach

During our first summer back in CA, Shaiya organized an amazing surprise 30th birthday weekend for Sachin in Yosemite-and a whole group of us tagged along :) That weekend sparked a happy tradition of a winter/summer weekend trips-in Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Tahoe again, and Point Reyes.

This year, we decided on Dillon Beach for a winter weekend. It was unbelievably gorgeous.

All of these photos are from the deck of the house-the view was unreal!

We all decided take a vacation day on Monday and do a Saturday – Monday weekend. This worked out REALLY well as everyone was able to avoid traffic and start the trip early and relaxed.

We had to be out of our house that whole week (grrrrrrrrr tenting and fumigation for wood beetles-so so so frustrating) so David and I extended the weekend. After work on Friday, we stayed at the Doubltree in Berkeley.

I picked it for the great rate (and the chocolate cookies) but it ended up being a really nice hotel! It rained the whole time, but I imagine the view of the Berkeley Marina is gorgeous when it’s sunny.

The next day, after picking up my favorite kale Caesar salad from our beloved and very missed Market Hall, we drove to my office holiday party.  I love that we do our holiday party after the stress and busyness of the holiday season-everyone is relaxed and it’s something to look forward to in the winter. It was so nice to spend the afternoon together-and the surprise baby celebration was extra special :)

It was a relatively short drive from Oakland to Dillon Beach-much easier than going to Point Reyes-and after winding through some gorgeous pastures and farmland, we pulled up to the house….


…and hunkered down right here for the next 48 hours.

With this view, there really wasn’t any need to leave.


We’re now a pretty large group, but the house had space for everyone.  And, most importantly, a massive kitchen.


Saturday night, Jon made bo ssam and Zac made kimchi and ginger scallion sauce and it was all amazing.



Sunday was rainy, and I was feeling pregnant and tired. I never made it to the actual Dillon Beach-opted for a game of Scrabble with David and a nap–but I hope to go someday! Later that evening, Super Bowl prep began.  Everyone brought or made their favorite junk food (my favorites: Brian’s Buffalo Chicken Dip, Molly’s Endive Goat Cheese boats, and Yasser’s Jalepeno Dip) and we half-watched the game (or maybe, I just half-watched the game?).  It was so much more fun hanging out with the babies!


loved waking up to this scene on Monday.  Breakfast with some of the best people–and again, that view.  Could not get over it.  I hope we continue doing these trips as I always leave so grateful for our supportive friends and the comfort 0f all being together.



Thank you, Dillon Beach :)

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Good things

A few good thoughts to start off the week :)

Fresh air! A whole weekend of sunshine and no rain.  Eager for some fresh air, we woke up on Sunday and drove straight to the San Joaquin River Wildlife Refuge. It was a nice, crisp walk and beautiful to see all the water and green.  I wish we had better hiking nearby (miss the proximity to Tilden so much!) but the loop around the Wildlife Refuge did the trick.

Baby prep-Silvia hosted a beautiful lunch shower on Saturday with friends and family to get ready for the baby. And last week, my office surprised David and me with a shower during our holiday party!  All so fun. Feeling very grateful for all the kind gifts and thoughts from friends and family getting excited for the baby.


WING JONES!! A total weekend highlight–receiving Wing Jones in the mail.  The physical book is actually beautiful.  It’s unbelievably thrilling to hold a book that my best friend wrote and to read her words.  The story is tender and thoughtful and I’m having a hard time figuring out if I’m so emotional reading it because I’m totally wrapped up in the characters or if I just can’t believe I’m reading Katie’s book!!  Either way, pretty special to curl up on a sunny weekend afternoon and read Katie’s beautiful writing.


And now, Monday and a new week. Officially 36 weeks along :)

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Happy Saturday!

And hello, weekend :)

After a week of rain, thrilled to wake up this morning to SUN and a new weekend.  Looking forward to being home.  And can’t wait to write about last weekend at the beach.  It was wonderful :) Happy almost-Valentines day!

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