Good things

A few good thoughts to start off the week :)

Fresh air! A whole weekend of sunshine and no rain.  Eager for some fresh air, we woke up on Sunday and drove straight to the San Joaquin River Wildlife Refuge. It was a nice, crisp walk and beautiful to see all the water and green.  I wish we had better hiking nearby (miss the proximity to Tilden so much!) but the loop around the Wildlife Refuge did the trick.

Baby prep-Silvia hosted a beautiful lunch shower on Saturday with friends and family to get ready for the baby. And last week, my office surprised David and me with a shower during our holiday party!  All so fun. Feeling very grateful for all the kind gifts and thoughts from friends and family getting excited for the baby.


WING JONES!! A total weekend highlight–receiving Wing Jones in the mail.  The physical book is actually beautiful.  It’s unbelievably thrilling to hold a book that my best friend wrote and to read her words.  The story is tender and thoughtful and I’m having a hard time figuring out if I’m so emotional reading it because I’m totally wrapped up in the characters or if I just can’t believe I’m reading Katie’s book!!  Either way, pretty special to curl up on a sunny weekend afternoon and read Katie’s beautiful writing.


And now, Monday and a new week. Officially 36 weeks along :)

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