Good night/good morning! Hello, from pregnancy-insomnia land. Really shouldn’t complain, only had a few nights this pregnancy where I’m up for hours, and I usually fall back asleep. If not..and early start to the day?

Anyway, as long as I’m up and scrolling through my phone, here’s a few things from this week that I want to remember:

Old photo from our 2015 trip to Rome

It’ll likely be a while before we do any traveling, but that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly daydreaming.  We watched a House Hunters episode in Copenhagen and I found myself searching for Norwegian airline flights and telling myself…..nope! Not happening. Anyway, in the time being, Elizabeth Minchilli’s daily Instragram stories seriously feel like a quick trip to Italy.  Every day she profiles gorgeous food, restaurants, and pretty walks and it is such a nice, pretend vacation!


Ha! I was looking out the window yesterday when David came home from work and couldn’t stop laughing seeing this scene as he walked up to the door. Getting ready…Can you tell it’s been a quiet week? Anyway, this discovery made my week. For years I’ve been searching for an English Breakfast Tea that came in a bag that tasted as good as loose leaf.  I generally just get the Trader Joe’s Earl Grey (their English Breakfast has no taste!) but even that just tastes like bland mashed up spices. BORING.  Over the weekend, I discovered this and it is delicious! Total game changer. A very pleasant start to the day.

Moving to my new little work corner.  We recently moved my desk from the guest room to the kitchen nook to make room for the baby’s dresser.  Since I worked from home this week, I got settled into the new spot, and it’s so strange how much more I enjoy it. Same house, same desk, but it just feels more productive and cheerier.  Maybe it’s the proximity to the pantry and Girl Scout cookies?

The weather was beautiful this week. It is supposed to rain this weekend, but a much more mild, flood-free rain.  As long as the rain isn’t causing damage, I’m hoping we continue to get more.  Still, it was nice to have a sunny week, go for a walk, and see hints of spring!


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