39 weeks

Happy Monday! 6 more days until the due date, and we’re just (semi) patiently waiting…Clueless about the timing for this whole thing, we basically stopped making plans after mid-February, so each weekend has been pleasantly quiet.  On Friday night, we decided now was probably the time to use a gift card to Midgleys and got dressed up for a nice dinner.

Feeling quite large! No idea how big the baby is, but feels….not small.  On Saturday, we walked to brunch at House of Shaw, and I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  In a lucky twist of events, my dad had a conference in Sacramento this weekend, so we got to have dinner together in Stockton! It was so nice to show him our house and catch up before the baby gets here.

Getting a bit anxious about the whole labor and birth process, and trying not to read tooo much, but it’s hard for me to not seek out information.  Of course, there’s only so much that prep and info can tell me-I understand I need to just go with what happens.  Anyway, one piece of advice I keep finding is to get a pedicure. One poster said she couldn’t imagine the annoyance of unpolished toes during labor.  I can’t imagine even noticing that, but with ample time on Sunday, I treated myself to a pedicure and it was delightful.

Also reading about how important it is to walk every day.  Been trying to do that in our neighborhood, and on Sunday afternoon we drove out for a walk around the Wildlife Refuge.  Along the way, we ran into row after row after row of gorgeous, blossoming, almond farms!

Hesitant to trespass, David pulled over and I jumped out for a few quick photos.  They blossoms were at peak bloom and so lovely and springy. 

Thanks to all the rain Saturday night, it was a clear and pretty afternoon.


And now, Monday!

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