Getting to know Diego :)

The baby is here! Diego Antonio was born on Sunday, March 12. He’s one week old and I’m constantly astonished by how sweet, curious and real he is. It’s thrilling to finally get to know our son.

Wild to think how much life has changed in one week. As I write this, it’s 3:45 pm, Sunday afternoon, there’s a tender baby sleeping on my chest, and I’m contemplating putting this phone down and napping, as the usual afternoon exhaustion settles in.

At this same time, one week ago, I was about 12 hours in to labor, giddy and anxious over the prospect of his arrival. At that time, we were still hours from what would eventually be an unexpected, but necessary and successful, c-section delivery and the eventual delirium that washed over me when I met Diego.

The week that followed was incredibly emotional, humbling, intimidating, and beautiful, all in ways I never imagined. All three of us are very much in the thick of this bleary eyed, needy, love-filled, hormonal (ok, that one’s just me) getting-to-know-you transition phase.  David and I are mesmerized by this tremendously sweet, cozy, delicious smelling little baby that joined our life.  Diego is his own complete little person, and every day we get to know each other a little bit more. It’s intimidating and overwhelming, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be his mom.

Hoping I’ll get a chance to write and reflect a bit about our first week together, but I’m getting the sense that this parenting thing is very much an in-the-moment process. If I don’t get around to reflecting, glad I have these brief notes to remember our first Sunday afternoon together :)

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  1. LW

    The Three of You Are a Wonderful Family !

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