Three weeks

Taking a moment during a late night feeding to remember some happy moments and other firsts from Diego’s third week :)

Mamaroo swing. Recently read some great advice on a minimalism blog about controlling the accumulation of stuff: avoid about searching for unicorns to solve a temporary problem. The author noted how vulnerable new parents succumb to purchasing pointless stuff, hoping it cures the moment’s stress/discomfort.

I totally get it. But sometimes a unicorn is a unicorn and it is MAGIC. And it’s name is the Mamaroo. After avoiding buying a swing, and trying to make-do with the many other baby contraptions we’re fortunate to own, we bit the bullet and bought the swing (above). It was heavily discounted at a neighborhood consignment store and SO WORTH IT. Anyway, that happy discovery, and its “car ride” stimulation feature were certainly a highlight this week.

Daylight savings. Diego was born on Daylight Savings Day (is that what it’s called?). This created some confusion during labor, in the sense that I never knew the correct time. The passage of time is already so bizarre during labor, but the clocks in the L&D room were all over the place that Sunday. Anyway, now I’m super grateful for Daylight Savings. It’s been so nice to go for walks in the early evenings and feel the sunshine.

This tiny advocate! And the adorable onesie from my colleagues. I just love how he looks like he’s fired up and ready to go :)

Baby-wearing and more walks-Experienced a few firsts this week. David and I both used the Bjorn for the first time-he on a walk, and I tried it on my first solo-outing with Diego. I met up with a friend for coffee and Diego slept cozily in the Bjorn the whole time. In another coffee-related first, another morning I walked to Starbucks all by myself. It’s strange how monumental that felt/still feels, given its simplicity. 

This face! Prior to Diego’s arrival, I’d spent all of 4 hours with newborns in my life. Pretty clueless. I had no idea how expressive they can be! Awed by all his faces and reactions.

These two, working hard. I’ll spare the internet my super cheesy, heart-melting reaction to seeing seeing David as an (INCREDIBLY AWESOME) dad, but do want to remember how special it is. (So, so special). Also, ha! Note the 2007 (!!!) UCLA Dance Marathon shirt. 

Amazing Angelica. Speaking of 2007, when David and I first started dating, I had no idea that 10 years later his wonderful aunt would deliver our baby. It was incredibly special to be in the care of family during delivery, but even better because Angelica is literally the BEST nurse. Don’t know how else to say it-she’s a pro and expertly cared for me the whole time. She held my hand during the epidural insertion, did everything she could to help me and Diego through the contractions, and when it became clear the C Section was necessary, kept me as calm as possible and kept the OR running smoothly (she’s the supervising nurse). I’m forever grateful. Friday night we all hung out to celebrate Ava’s 11th birthday!

Going out to dinner. We ventured out of Stockton for the first time and met up with my parents for dinner in Sacramento. My dad was in town for work and we all went to dinner at Cafeteria. It felt so good to be at a restaurant, and very special to be together. 

Family time. While I wish Stockton and Irvine were a short drive away, I’m grateful that we’re at least all in the same state, separated by a short Southwest flight. Very grateful Diego got some grandparent time this weekend-always wish there was more time, but grateful for the visit. 

And now, the start of another week! Sending good thoughts :)

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