Writing this from my phone, while Diego naps on me. Keep meaning to write something more substantive, but…think little updates are all I can handle right now. Plus, any non-baby, slightly substantive thoughts can pretty much be summed up as: “How is this administration so (insert expletive here) awful? Can’t believe they’re (insert absurd overreach of executive power here) in an effort to (insert harmful act here) just because they want to hurt (insert any non-white male group here).” Just so frustrating.

So, instead, and since my brain is kind of fuzzy, I’ll just jot down some recent memories from the last two weeks:

We had our first Seder as a family of three! We celebrated the first night of Passover with a very simple dinner and abbreviated Haggadah. (Diego waving in the back!)

Later that week, we went to a full Seder at a friend’s house. The meal was delicious and this homemade Haggadah was awesome.

And then, like the interfaith couple that we are :), the next day, we hosted Easter dinner! David made this roast and it was delicious. 

Diego being five weeks old and adorable.

Aaaand more five week cuteness. I think he had a bit of a growth spurt the last week. We had some rough nights and fussy days that left me feeling like this lady:

(Christian Krog, Mother and Baby)
The afternoon walks really help me recharge. Thankfully, the spring weather and blooming trees make the walks even better.

On Saturday, we participated in Stockton’s March for Science. It was so refreshing to see so many Stocktonians gathered at the park. We made a onesie for Diego, but kind of failed on making a clever sign. I wish I had thought of this-so true.

Linking hands across the park in a chain reaction for science :)

Yesterday we drove to San Leandro for a birthday picnic for Zac. It was sunny and wiiiiiiiindy! And a total thrill to finally introduce Diego to the babies :)

Sending good thoughts for the week ahead!

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