First flight!

Hello, Friday.  So, yesterday was awful.  Diego and I watched the votes on C-SPAN, and one of us burst into tears when the AYE column hit 216 (I was too angry to cry). Truly horrible-appreciated this summary of what happened and what should happen next.

Anyway, in an effort to not totally slip into despair, trying to think of happier moments from the last few days. On Wednesday, Diego and I flew back home after a great trip to Irvine to see my parents.  Some photos from Diego’s first flight and the trip:

My dad flew to Sacramento for the day last Friday, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to tag along for the flight back. I was definitely anxious about flying with a baby, but also excited to take a trip and pull the band aid off the first-flight-fears. On Saturday morning, the three of us headed to the airport.

Even though it is only an hour flight, the door-to-door process took about as long as driving, once we factored in the long drive to the airport (one of my frequent complaints about living in Stockton–distance from the airport) and time checking and retrieving baggage. Thankfully, since it was a Saturday afternoon, the airport was pretty quiet and we were able to get three seats together, no problem.  Also-super exciting to get Diego’s first boarding pass!

img_1825Clearly, I’m way more excited about all of this than he is.

Sleeping on the plane–thank you, Diego :)


And thank you, Dad, for getting us to Irvine! As excited as I was about taking the flight, I was even more thrilled to land in Irvine.  We picked up my suitcase and the car seat from baggage claim and headed to one of my favorite restaurants for an early dinner.

img_1851img_1916California had a heat wave this week, so we tried to walk earlier in the afternoon and in the evenings.  After years and years of drought, it is pretty great to see all the greenery in May.


Happy hour from my favorite perch in the family room :)

When I was pregnant, I often thought about introducing my baby to the beach.  Images of the waves at Crystal Cove became my focal point for when I needed to push during labor-and when that never happened, I thought about those ocean scenes to *slighty* calm down pre-surgery.  All to say I was especially excited to introduce Diego to Crystal Cove.

He was pretty unfazed by the gorgeous views, but it was a special moment for me.  We picked up potato chips and coleslaw and had a picnic dinner on the deck overlooking the ocean. It was awesome.

Soon it was Wednesday, and time to fly back home-David was desperately missing this face!

And now it’s Friday–looking forward to the weekend! (Side note-I always wondered if weekends would feel different when not working–would every day feel like a weekend? But it’s funny, I still get super excited about Fridays, even though I’ve been home all week.  Even when temporarily not working, weekends are still WAY better–the three of us are all together, the world seems to quiet down, and it’s just better).

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