A few photos from this very spring-y weekend:


Friday afternoon, Diego and I met David downtown for happy hour.  We started with dinner at Cast Iron (churro bread pudding….amazing….)


And then got drinks at Channel Brewing Company.  After years of promising ourselves we would never be those people who brought their baby to a bar…7 weeks in, and here we are:


The BEST part of the weekend was brunch with Janou and Max! Janou was in town and she and Max kindly drove to the East Bay for brunch.  !!! Can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see these three in a photo together !!! So special.


Narges and Zac hosted their annual Kentucky Derby party Saturday afternoon.  Zac had a Mint Julep bar set up with everything–even perfectly crushed ice and homemade syrup–they truly are the BEST HOSTS EVER.

img_1943-1I put all my money on Looking at Lee, but Diego/David bet on Almost Dreaming, so we got some farmers’ market cash :)


We’ve been counting down the days for an occasion/for him to be big enough to wear this outfit:


Sunday morning, we took those winnings to the farmers market-it’s definitely cherry season! Nature’s candy, so good.


Later that morning, we celebrated an early Mother’s Day with Silvia and Abuelita.  We also toasted to France, filled with relief after hearing the results of the recent election.


And then, a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon.  Sending good thoughts for this week!


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