2 months!

Diego Antonio is two months old today!

Writing this, as usual, on my phone, while my favorite little two-month-old naps on me :) Definitely feel quite a difference at two months versus one month. A few first and other moments I want to remember:


  • First flight! From Sacramento to Orange County at six weeks.
  • First trip to Target! This seems like a fairly monumental milestone American baby experience. He slept through the whole thing in the Bjorn :)
  • First brewery. Diego was a good sport during Incident 1 of MANY when his parents did the exact thing they swore they would never do as parents (take a baby to a bar, take cheesy baby monthly photos, talk incessantly about baby sleep patterns…)
  • First time in the East Bay, first party, first picnic, first farmers’market–hopefully a first of many more of these experiences.
  • First time spending a whole day without me: On Wednesday, I drove to Healdsburg for a work retreat and David and Diego spent the day together.  Total pulling-off-the-band-aid day, but I had a great time at the retreat and Diego had fun (?? who knows, he’s two months old! Probably better to just say his was fine) at home. Total relief!
  • First trip to the beach. Ahhhh-the best.

Was just looking at photos of Diego from last month, and he has definitely grown! He’s still a tiny little peanut, but I think he’s done with his newborn clothes and he’s finally getting some rolls on his previously lanky legs and arms.  Speaking of his arms-he’s started to discover them. Not sure if he recognizes that his hands are actually attached to him, but he’s been playing with them more and more. And, the best part of two months, these little smiles.  Like his mom, his much cheerier in the morning than in the evenings, and his smiles make my day.

Oh man, I am so grateful for this time and these moments. It’s overwhelming and intimidating learning how to be his mom and I’m immensely thankful for all of it.

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