Wednesday thoughts…

Diego got his first round of vaccines yesterday, and woke up this morning a cuddly, tired little monkey.  While he sleeps curled up on me, wanted to jot down some recent memories:

Last week, I drove to Healdsburg for a work retreat. Seeing all my colleagues (from all three offices!) and engaging in a day of important, substantive conversation was a perfect shot of energy. And, it helped me feel a bit more confident about being away from Diego for a day. AND-the drive back as STUNNING. Due to horrible traffic on the 101, Google maps rerouted me to take Highway 12 and it was a very happy adjustment! The route tracked gorgeous wineries and vistas throughout Sonoma Valley and made the hours of driving a pleasant escape.

Speaking of escapes, I’ve become a total Crooked Media junkie. After avoiding Keeping it 1600 because I assumed the hosts would be smarmy egomaniacs, I caved and started listening to Pod Save America. I’m HOOKED. John Lovett’s (smarmy but spot-on) humor might be the only way I can mentally survive this administration (and stay moderately informed during parental leave).

Master of None returned!! I keep hearing how it is even better than last season. I can’t wait to watch.

On Friday night, the Library and Literacy Foundation of San Joaquin County hosted their annual trivia bee fundraiser. Our team didn’t win, but it was a super fun night AND hilarious to wake up the next morning and see this:


The SJBC hosted their annual Best Ride Ever Ride on Saturday and Diego and I met up with David at the final stop, Lange  Twins Family Vineyards in Lodi.  Another “wow, I can’t believe I ever judged people for —-” moment? Using the curbside pickup at a deli. Pre-baby, I would have been flabbergasted at the need for curbside pickup IN A STRIP MALL with ample parking. Post baby? I giddily picked up our picnic sandwiches (delicious, from Fioris Deli) without having to wake my napping baby. Curbside pickup = genius.

This was my first time at Lange Twins and the wine was excellent! After the tasting, we enjoyed a glass on the lawn-it was a delicious.

Also-how about this polite little drinker, clasped hands and everything? :)

Since Diego was born, I’ve been on quite the social media bender. Honestly, with hours and hours of nursing and a mushy, sleepy brain, scrolling through endless photos is about all I can handle. Anyway, I decided to log off for the day on Sunday to truly enjoy Mother’s Day.

That lasted until 6 pm-so, small victory?

When I logged back on, I saw this beautiful print by Mari Andrew, c/o Cup of Joe, and it just brought tears to my eyes. It was exactly what I wish we could all say and express on this lovely, but emotional, and sometimes painful holiday:

I thought a lot about the emotional gravity of the day, and Mari’s art better expresses those thoughts than any words I could put to paper.

I’m profoundly grateful to have been with my family on my first Mother’s Day. When David asked what I wanted to do, all I could think about was getting out in nature. Sunday, after breakfast, we drove out to Redwood Regional Park.

Just the forest bath I’ve been wanting. We mostly stuck to the paved walk, which extends through gorgeous little meadows and cuts through the spectacular redwood trees.

And…in one of the meadows…a family of llamas! This man just brought his four llamas to the park! David was BEYOND excited.

This guys name is Quinoa. Of course it is.

We ended the day with pizza from Zachary’s and kale Caser salad from Market Hall-hooray!

Big news in our house: Diego moved into his crib.  Can’t tell how he feels, or if he even notices, but a big change! He looks so, so tiny when I put him in it, I can’t believe it. The first night, it broke my heart a bit, I was so worried he would feel abandoned, but once again, I was far more stressed than Diego.

However, he did NOT love getting his shots. This was just before his vaccines at his two month appointment. The nurse was so kind–and didn’t judge me when I said I couldn’t watch!–but Diego was not pleased. Walking back to the car, he just glared at me from the stroller-ouch.

img_2118Lots of napping, cuddling and curling up together to try to restore his trust :)

Looking forward to the weekend!

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