Happy Thursday! Clearing out photos on my phone and wanted to remember some moments from the last few weeks:

Diego and Andie! Jon and Melissa kindly came by for the day with tons of food, cake and snacks and brought sweet Andie. Andie is gentler than a quiet cat, and even though Diego looks terrified, I think the baby-dog meeting went well.

Diego’s first art show! The Sycamore held their summer social hour a few weeks ago, featuring impressive works by a local artist. 

Today was quite cool (and it even rained last night) but we’ve also started experiencing some brutal Central Valley summer days. The silver lining? Lots of naps in the air conditioning. AND time to watch Master of None. We just finished Season 2 last night. Can’t stop daydreaming about Italy. This announcement makes trip planning even more tempting…andiamo!

After the recent heat wave, we were able to enjoy a beautiful, cool evening at the Lodi farmer’s market.

One of several Bruin baby meetings :) Last week, on the way to Oakland, I stopped by Christie’s to meet sweet baby Colin. Colin is basically Diego’s twin: they were born less than 5 hours apart! Different birthdays, as Diego arrived late at night on the 12th and Colin early in the morning on the 13th, but still. And here they are holding hands!

Introducing Diego to my wonderful colleagues! It was pretty awesome to bring Diego to the office and see everyone after several months away. Feeling very grateful to work for such a supportive organization :)

While David attended a conference in Berkeley, Diego and I spent the day exploring. After a salad at Sweetgreen (will Chop’t ever move to California??) we checked out the new BAMPFA. Gorgeous architecture and excellent gift shop. That’s as far as we got, as the main objective for the day was…

Baby’s first BART ride. I wanted to try it out on a day where we didn’t have to be anywhere, in case it took a while or I got overwhelmed. Diego was great! We rode from Rockridge to Embarcadero, he took it all in, wide eyed and (fairly) calm.

The BEST part was meeting up with Janou for a walk. So immensely happy that she’s back in California-HOORAY!!!!!

At home happy hour Friday evening, feat. delicious Cowgirl Creamery’s delicious Mt Tam cheese and Chesterfield Cellars’ chardonnay.

Third Bruin baby meeting of the week! On Saturday, we drove to Rocklin to see Eric, Molly and darling Rose. 14 years ago, days after moving in to the dorms, Molly and I met on Bruin Walk and became fast friends. Pretty special/unreal to see the babies together.

On Sunday, Temple Israel hosted their 48th annual Jewish Food Festival. We brunched on lox and bagels and stocked up at the bake sale.

We’ve had some long days this week…

But he is pretty adorable…

And pretty laid back about checking out new things. Last night, we packed a picnic and walked to Victory Park for the first night of their summer concert series.

And that’s the last few weeks around here! Happy almost weekend :)

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