Three months!

Monday marked three months of Diego Antonio!

Took a few photos Monday morning before heading out to meet up with Christie and Molly (+ babies) at the ZOO!

This month, the weather got warmer and Diego (and I) broke out of the sleepy newborn haze and he became more of a baby. Everything everyone says about baby smiles? True times a million. It’s just amazing. Diego also started making more noises, little drawn out coos and calls, and I love hearing his voice.

It’s been a treat to get out more and see more friends, now that we’re (slightly) more comfortable navigating this whole life with baby thing. A few of Diego’s firsts this month:

First act of civic engagement: Diego attended the State of the City address, and quietly listened to the Mayor’s excellent remarks.

First celebrity sighting: MC Hammer! Ha. At the State of the City :)

First National Park: Muir Woods for my dad’s birthday 

First BART trip: Rockridge to Embarcadero-and back!

First “wild” animal: The llamas at Redwood Regional on Mother’s Day

First art show: The Sycamore Social 

First museum: The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive…but we only checked out the gift shop. Museum looks AWESOME and I would love to return. 

First hotel: The Omni in SF (sorry kid, don’t get used to that!)

First Food Festival: The Jewish Food Festival at Temple Israel

First concert in the Park: The Wednesday night Victory Park summer concert

First hail storm: We had a crazy summer storm on Sunday. So rare in Califoenia, but it reminded me of DC-thunder, lightening, the whole thing.

While it’s AWESOME introducing Diego to all this, I’m most grateful for the hours and hours of quiet time baby time. The mornings and afternoons with Diego napping on me, or walking around the house, Diego cocooned in the Bjorn, just content and cozy together-it’s been incredibly special. Incredibly thankful for this time together and this sweet, three month old baby :)

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