We’re in the middle of a (punishing) heat wave around here. We’re talking temperatures of 111°! Surprisingly, I’m not totally losing my mind, and trying to take advantage of the quiet days and soak up time with Diego. I’m back at work in two weeks, so I’m really really trying to enjoy these moments. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Lots and lots of hanging out. It’s so much more fun now that Diego can smile and interact and he’s becoming more of his own little person.

First ball pit! Mira has an AWESOME first birthday party and and it was so special to see everyone together. The five of them in the ball pit together lasted all of 3.5 seconds. 

Zoo day :) The Sacramento Zoo is sort-of a central location for the three of us, and we took advantage of the cooler weather last week to check it out. I honestly didn’t expect much from the zoo, but it was pretty great! I was mostly looking forward to catching up with Christie and Molly, which was absolutely wonderful.

Despite his expression, I think Diego enjoyed it? I LOVED seeing the giraffes.

David’s colleague Erik is an incredible photographer and he kindly came over a few weeks ago to take some family photos – I love them.

David’s been barbecuing more, and last week he made an excellent carne asada. Looking forward to more grilling once the weather cools down a bit.

We planned an impromptu trip to Pinecrest last weekend. We were gone for just 24 hours, but it still felt so nice to get outside and relax. Hope to write more about the trip soon!

Father’s Day! David rang in Father’s Day with an early morning alarm to meet an HVAC specialist. We returned from Pinecrest refreshed and rejuvenated-to a house with a broken AC system. Oof. Thankfully, it was quickly fixed and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day with David’s family, cooling off in the pool.

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