Last week, as the temperatures crept higher, David suggested we get out of town. “Pinecrest?” he said.

We quickly booked a room and were on the road the next day. Gians sandwiches in hand, we checked in and walked straight to the lake. 

It’s such a pretty spot-the tall shady trees, crisp water, and big blue sky.

We chilled in the shade and took turns hanging with Diego and dipping our toes in the water.

It’s also a great spot for first time parents. The rooms are walking distance from the lake, so we didn’t have to lug down the diaper bag or worry about feedings-it was a quick walk back to the room.

There’s BBQ grills all along the lake. In the evening, David grilled corn and brats for dinner. I poured myself a big glass of wine and took in that view!

There’s a pretty magnificent hike around the lake. We enjoyed it last year, but were not prepared to do it with Diego. Instead, we opted for a short morning walk-and Diego got to meet Smokey Bear!

On the way home, we stopped at Twain Hart for hearty sandwiches and salads at the Rock of Twain Hart.

Ha! The same expression! 

Taking turns at the lake, actually, taking the trip in general, I couldn’t help but think of a passage from Catherine Newman’s Catastrophic Happiness:

On the one hand, there is the slight abusurdity of trips with a baby-Diego wont remember them, and it’s much more for our enjoyment than his. But maybe that’s ok? We delight in trying these new things with Diego, even if it’s not memorable for him, and it requires more effort from us. I am so grateful that we can take him on (simple) adventures, and see the places we’ve seen before, but this time, with chubby little legs kicking out of the Bjorn. In those moments, like Newman says, I want only now, even if it isn’t totally necessary. 

And…once we got our AC fixed, we all returned home, a bit more refreshed from the quick trip away :)

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