Baby’s first bridal shower

Janou is getting married in three months! This weekend, we loaded up the car and drove down to Irvine to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Diego travels light:


The drive down the 5 is looooooong, but thankfully, we had some good podcasts and In-N-Out to look forward to.

Thanks for humoring us, Diego :)

On Friday, we ran errands for the shower and did a bit of shopping. This jacaranda tree was magnificent!

Saturday was kind of June Gloom-y, so basically, perfect beach weather for a three month old. I’m learning that a baby beach trip requires considerably more stuff-no more throwing a towel in the car and calling it a day.  Though, have to say, this umbrella/tent thing did make the afternoon way more comfortable.

It was pretty special spending the afternoon at my favorite place with three of my favorite people.

Diego loves Janou!!

Slightly sun-kissed and sandy, we all got cleaned up for dinner Saturday night. We enjoyed a spectacular dinner at Il Fornaio- and enjoyed the meal at the kitchen table. So fun!

Sunday morning, we prepped for the main event: Janou’s bridal shower. Trader Joe’s really came through with some beautiful flowers. The flower haul before:

And after-amateur arrangements:

With the beautiful bride :)

I loved seeing Janou with her wonderful friends and observing all of their excitement over Janou’s upcoming wedding. CAN’T WAIT.

Diego received so much love at the shower. He was passed around all the ladies all afternoon, watching everything, taking in all the conversation. I read something once that babies need to hear 1,000 (or maybe it was 10,000? 100,000?) words a day as part of their development. After an afternoon of buzzing conversation, watching wide-eyed Diego absorb it all, it made we wish babies could skip daycare and just go to bridal showers everyday. 

There’s something about a table post-party, overflowing with empty champagne glasses, thoroughly-relished dessert plates, the last few pieces of chocolate, that I love. The sign of a good party, full of love and laughter. And GF Pizza Dough mix :)

Very grateful we could all be together this weekend and SO excited for Max and Janou’s wedding in September!!

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