Happy 4th :)

Trying to fall asleep to the soundtrack of Diego’s white noise machine + a cacophony of (illegal) fireworks. Oof! Just wanted to take a moment to say Happy 4th :)

It was a quiet one for us. David put up our flag yesterday and Diego was mesmerized, watching it blow in the wind. This is a tough time in our nation’s history and many recent federal actions and decisions are truly terrifying. I love this country and I’m filled with tremendous gratitude for the sacrifices our grandparents and great-grandparents made to make America home. We can and must do better for this amazing country.

In our little world, I’m going back to work tomorrow. These months at home with Diego have been a incredible and I’m thankful for my colleagues’ support of our time together. Of course, I’m a bit anxious about figuring out the whole how to work + parent thing.

One sweet thing-as I’m falling asleep tonight, wondering what this next life chapter will entail, I’m reminded of a similar (though WAY, WAY more exciting) feeling exactly one year ago. Last year, on the 4th of July, feeling incredibly sleepy and super hopeful, I took a pregnancy test. It was the first time we learned anything about Diego-just a glimmer of indication that I was pregnant.

So, thinking about a lot and grateful for this country and our family on this 4th of July!

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