Three years ago today, we were waking up, nice and hungover (oops), and getting ready to get MARRIED!

Like birthdays, anniversaries are really only special to the people celebrating, but they’re kind of more fun because you get to celebrate together. And this year, we get to celebrate with our little Diego-bear!

Looking at the photo above reminds me of something I haven’t thought about in a while. One of our more agonizing wedding decisions was something that should have been so simple-picking a first dance song. We couldn’t think of anything. The songs I associated with our relationship were either wayyy too emotional (hello, John Hiatt) or not really danceable (hello, Coldplay). Also, we’re terrrrrrrrible dancers and needed something we could basically just sway to in front of 150 of our  closest friends.

Anyway, one morning, David e-mailed me this link: I’d never heard the song before, but after listening I was like, YUP! That’s it! (Also, I cried. Of course).

During our wedding, I remember LOVING our first entrance songs (SO FUN) and our last dance. But, at the time, the first dance felt kind of awkward. The sound in the big room felt different than it had on my phone, when I listened to it with just David. I loved the sentiment of the song, but it didn’t perform well.

Listening to it this morning, I starting tearing up. Three years later, its the perfect song for our marriage. A wedding is funny-an incredible moment, but also a very public display. A marriage is so intimate and personal, and a wedding, while clearly personal, can at times feel like a show

Three years later, I remember all the beautiful, personal, moments of the wedding and I treasure how we’ve grown in our marriage. I probably wouldn’t recommend that song, Better, as a song to get a wedding crowd going. But as a song to remember and listen to throughout a marriage? It’s just right. 

Cheers to three years, David. Thankful for you, and all the happy moments, past, present and future. Especially the ones with this guy-you both make everything better :)

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