4 months!

On Wednesday, Diego Antonio turned 4 months old!

He’s becoming ever more aware of the world around him. Watching him tune in and interact is such a thrill. Sometimes he still looks like such a baby-when he’s drooling, curled up in his sleep sack, napping on me-and sometimes, like here, he looks like a little boy! 

A few (mostly summery) firsts this month:

First time in a lake: At Pinecrest, but the water was entirely too cold to even dip his toes.

First time in a pool: On Father’s Day, at David’s dad’s house. He’s been in a pool a few times since (including his first swim class last week!) and each time he’s pretty…neutral. Doesn’t love it, doesn’t hate it. We’ll see if his inner Pisces flourishes with time.

First ferry ride! After the beach one afternoon, while we were in Irvine. He slept through the entire ride to Balboa Island.

First trip to In-n-Out and Ruby’s: California’s two greatest contributions to cheeseburger and French fry lovers. Someday he’ll be able to enjoy both.

First drive down south on the 5: Really not a lot to say about that. Its a loooong drive.

First time attending a birthday party: Mira’s 1st birthday! Babies in the ball pit = beyond adorable.

First week and a half with his mom at work: Diego and I took the first steps in getting used to me returning to work. Thankfully, we’re slowly ramping up into that new reality as my awesome mom is staying with us and watching Diego for this first month. So grateful!

Thankful for this month of growth and discovery with Diego :)

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