Whoa! We’re halfway through July. Summer is flying…before too much more time passes, a few memories from the first half of summer:

I spent the last week-ish of leave in Irvine with Diego at my parent’s house. He got to try out the piano and actually seemed pretty into it! (Not pictured: baby concentration drool).

Also during leave, for the last month, I tried to challenge myself to do something new everyday. A lot of it was baby firsts, but I ended up discovering some fun drink recipes. This is a blackberry-basil lemonade.

And, with all the heat, ended up making a lot of Campari spritz.

Hanging at the beach :)

It was so nice to relax with family before heading back to work.

And Diego was great on his second flight to Sacramento!

Back in Stockton, it’s been HOT. We keep talking about “the heat wave,” but like…when is it a wave and when is it just a brutal July? David’s been working hard to put sod in the backyard and get the deck useable-here’s a “during” photo. Grateful for all his effort-the weather has been less than ideal.

Diego has been pretty chill through all the heat :)

Diego and his grandma! So, so grateful for allll of my mom’s help and time this month.

Also, big moment this summer: getting this HAT! I mean, I know every parent is smitten with their kid, but this hat on this little head!

Last weekend, we escaped the heat and spent the day at Half Moon Bay. A cloudy morning at the beach, with a thermos of hot coffee, and two grandmas to hold your baby so you can enjoy it = just wonderful.

We celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday with dinner at Mile Wine. Wednesday is a commuting day for me, so I was reluctant to make plans, assuming I would be too tired. We ended up rallying and having a great time at dinner. AND-the Mile Wine wine tasting flight is so fun. We ended the evening re-watching our wedding video :)

Molly graciously invited us to her family’s house in St. Helena this weekend. It was AMAZING. Incredibly relaxing and so restorative to be in the company of wonderful friends. Can’t wait to write more about it-but this is one of my favorite photos. The parent paparazzi, snapping photos of the babies at the winery. Ha!

Sending good thoughts for the week :)

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