James Taylor’sLullaby 

On the commute home, and wanted to jot down some memories from the weekend. We had a fun and full Saturday and a verrrrrry quiet (and needed) Sunday.

On Saturday morning, we drove to Oakland for my work’s summer party. Here’s Diego getting ready-in his Justice in Aging onesie!

Later that afternoon, we met up with Alex and Rebecca in their beautiful home. Alex made these incredible vinegar-seltzer water drinks, and we enjoyed yummy appetizers before heading to SF to see…

James Taylor!!! Alex and Rebecca were SO generous and invited us to join them at the concert. I LOVE James Taylor and the thought of seeing him at AT&T Park was THRILLING!

Diego already had a James Taylor newsboy cap, it’s almost like he knew this would be his first concert:

We ordered noise-cancelling headphones, which, btw, beyond being useful, are adorable.

Bonnie Raitt opened, and our seats were excellent. While I loved seat-dancing to Something to Talk About, I started to worry it was all a little to loud for Diego.

So, we moved further back in the stadium for James Taylor and it was much better.

James Taylor was excellent. He opened with Carolina in my Mind-so beautiful. Diego fell asleep soon after that. My favorite part-and the one that really brought on the tears-was listening to him sing Sweet Baby James, while holding my sleeping Diego in my arms. It was awesome.

So thankful for Alex and Rebecca’s generosity and being able to enjoy such a special night! A very happy memory :)

Sunday was verrrrry low key. When I look at the photos from Saturday, my first thought is “ouch. I look tired.” And I am. The work/commute adjustment, coupled with an intennnnnse 4 month sleep regression, is hitting me hard. So, we spent a lot of Sunday, hanging out and napping.

Exactly what we all needed :)

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