Janou’s Bachelorette Wellness Hometown Weekend!

“A best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier,” Janou shared this famous Mindy Kaling quote in her toast at my wedding, and as she pointed out, in our case it’s not totally true: Janou is my best friend. So it was absolutely thrilling to celebrate her at her bachelorette this weekend.

In planning this, Janou was, thankfully, very direct with her request: a wellness weekend, at some of her favorite places close to home. Hiking, beach, kombucha.

The one sliiiiiiiight planning challenge: everyone loves Janou. So many friends! I was a bit nervous about the big group-would everyone have fun? Did we have enough planned?

Thankfully, Janou’s friends are awesome and everyone was very relaxed and easy going all weekend. 

Perhaps it helped that we were in a beautiful place!

Friday night, over dinner, rose and kombucha cocktails, we swapped Janou stories :)

I stayed at my parent’s house at night-I’m not quite ready to be away from Diego all night-and brought him to breakfast in the morning. I loved seeing him getting passed around-that sweet boy just wants to be held ALL THE TIME.

Virginia was incredibly generous and took everyone on a hike of Moro Canyon. 

While the group hiked, I picked up sandwiches for a picnic on the beach.

It was a perfect afternoon for the beach-bright sun, sparkly water-the best.

Saturday night was dinner at Sushi Roku. I haven’t gotten dressed up in…a while…and it felt nice to have such a festive reason to go out.

At dinner, I got a little emotional looking at everyone in the room, thinking about how much Janou has impacted all of our lives. Throughout the weekend, everyone shared memories of special moments and hilarous adventures with Janou, and I was struck by what a tremendous friend she is. I mean, I know she is with me, but her love and generosity with her friends is incredible. We’re all so lucky for her friendship and it was so special to spend the weekend celebrating.

Love you, Janou!! Can’t wait for the wedding in September!

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