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30 hours in DC

Last week I flew to D.C. for a super quick work trip. It was my first time being away from Diego overnight and I was nerrrrrrvous. Thankfully, the trip went well, Diego and David are fine, and it was actually kind of exciting to switch things up a bit!

The view during the flight out was clear and beautiful. That’s the SF skyline jutting out in the water:

The view from the cafeteria where we got lunch. While I loved being back in one of my favorite cities, it did feel a bit unsettling being there-this was my first trip since November 2016:

I took a brief walk through the Mall on my way to the Hill, and loved stepping into the Botanical garden and breathing in the pretty greenery.

When we lived in Eastern Market, I would often walk or bike this route home from work. It was pretty spectacular to just swing by the Capitol on my way to our neighborhood. I definitely miss living in a city that was so visually inspiring and energizing.

Another shot of energy? Seeing these incredible aging advocates! Absolutely thrilling to see these wonderful faces.

And I even got to grab a salad at my favorite place

With one of my favorite friends-Catherine!

Now, we’re gearing up for another flight this evening…to Palm Springs for Janou’s wedding!

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A good weekend

Hello, Wednesday :) We’re counting down the hours to a VERY exciting weekend ahead-Janou and Max’s wedding weekend is almost here! To get ready, we took it super easy this weekend. A few of the weekend elements that made it particularly nice:

Hearty Sunday night dinners. It was (finally) cool enough to use the oven and not melt, so David made a delicious chicken Parmesan and kale salad. 

Lots of time in the backyard. It is amazing how being outside helps us all calm down. Diego can be squirmy and fussy in our room, and the moment I spread that blanket out on the grass, he totally relaxes. He was far more interested in my newspaper than his toys-so I let him destroy the sports section :)

On Saturday night, Silvia came over and David barbecued lamb and chicken skewers-so good!

Wine time. On Sunday afternoon, after an awesome, impromptu stop-and-chat apppearance from the Huas, who were driving home from Tahoe, we checked out Acquiesce Vineyards. It’s an all white wine and rose winery, so I’ve been meaning to visit while it’s still summery. The wine was nice and crisp AND they did the tasting outside in the rocking chairs-I love outdoor tastings.

We brought a picnic and enjoyed the afternoon. Diego was happy in the stroller (hooray!) so we were able to enjoy lunch AND talk and talk and talk-a rare treat. Once again, there’s something about being outside, being in greenery, that just helps us all feel better.

Quiet mornings. With no major weekend plans, we took things very slow in the morning. With our weeks pretty packed, it feels nice to wake up in the morning and turn off the always-thinking-about-logistics part of my brain, and focus instead on pancakes and playtime. Diego supervised breakfast prep-I’ve been these lately and they are delicious.

Neighborhood walks. Finding time for any sort of exercise is a challenge during the week, so I treasure the time for long walks in the neighborhood. Diego is also not a great napper at home, but a long walk usually does the trick.

Hours and hours of Diego-time! Ah-the best :)

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6 months!

Last week (September 12), Diego Antonio turned 6 months old! Wrote this on Tuesday, just now posting:

Diego Antonio is 6 months! 6 months ago, it was Daylight Savings Sunday, and I remember having no concept of how long the day was taking, because every time I looked out the window, the sun was out. Now, we’re heading into shorter days, and getting ready for fall with a 6 month baby.

This month was another one filled with firsts, challenges and growth.  Some firsts:
First trip to Tahoe: In a house with three other babies and ten grownups!

First solid food: An avocado last week.  Classic Diego—pretty neutral response to the whole thing.  Hated squash a few days later.

First tooth: Bottom two breaking out on the bottom, which accompanied his….

First cold! Hello, fall and winter.

First non-sink bath: In the bathtub, which he seems to enjoy much more, making for a calmer evening for us all.

First solar eclipse: I’m going to guess they did not watch this at daycare, but documenting it anyway :)

First train station: Has yet to ride a train, but he seemed to love the station when we picked David up one evening in Sacramento.

First swing: In the bucket swings at the park near my parent’s house.

Oh, this Diego-bear, I love him so much. I’m writing to this from a plane-this is also my first trip away. I keep watching and re-watching videos of him giggling.  Hearing Diego’s throaty-gurrgly little giggle makes my heart soar. I wish I could say I make him crack up, but really, it’s David. His eyes LIGHT UP when he sees David, and the two of them get into a fit of laughter and it is just incredible. Happy 6 months to our little Diego!

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Labor Day Weekend

Happy Friday! Wanted to remember some highlights from last weekend in Irvine:

Thanks to a work trip, some vacation time and the holiday weekend, Diego and I got to spend all week at my parent’s house. It ended up being great timing to get away-it was sweltering in Stockton and I was feeling pretty run down. The days of rest and extra grandparent hands were immensely helpful. On Friday night, we all watched the sunset together.

David flew down on Friday night, and on Saturday, Julie and Terry + family drove to Irvine for a pool day!

10 years ago, we were Orientation Counselors, and apparently not ready for this photo to be taken:

10 years later, plus Marshall, Declan and Diego ! Also, did the babies know to coordinate poses?

It was so nice of them to make the trip and SUCH a treat to have the day to relax together. It was particularly special to meet Declan and see what a remarkably kind and thoughtful person Marshall is growing up to be.

The next day, after brunch at home, my parents offered to watch Diego so David and I could go to the beach-thanks, Mom and Dad!

I made a batch of frose and read a Sunset magazine and it was really nice!

A very relaxing afternoon and a great way to say goodbye to summer.

We had a delicious early Sunday dinner at Provenance. The food is so fresh, and the biscuits with honey butter…

And soon it was time to head to the airport to fly home…

Wish we all lived closer, but grateful it’s just an hour flight!

Here’s Diego being darling on Labor Day :)

It’s definitely NOT fall here-still so hot-but hoping we’re inching toward cooler weather!

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Train love

Last week, I spent two days in LA for a training. I noticed these two cuties waiting for the metro on the way back to Union Station. The held hands waiting for the train…

And they didn’t let go as they got in the car…

And their sweetness just made me smile.

Happy Wednesday :)

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