6 months!

Last week (September 12), Diego Antonio turned 6 months old! Wrote this on Tuesday, just now posting:

Diego Antonio is 6 months! 6 months ago, it was Daylight Savings Sunday, and I remember having no concept of how long the day was taking, because every time I looked out the window, the sun was out. Now, we’re heading into shorter days, and getting ready for fall with a 6 month baby.

This month was another one filled with firsts, challenges and growth.  Some firsts:
First trip to Tahoe: In a house with three other babies and ten grownups!

First solid food: An avocado last week.  Classic Diego—pretty neutral response to the whole thing.  Hated squash a few days later.

First tooth: Bottom two breaking out on the bottom, which accompanied his….

First cold! Hello, fall and winter.

First non-sink bath: In the bathtub, which he seems to enjoy much more, making for a calmer evening for us all.

First solar eclipse: I’m going to guess they did not watch this at daycare, but documenting it anyway :)

First train station: Has yet to ride a train, but he seemed to love the station when we picked David up one evening in Sacramento.

First swing: In the bucket swings at the park near my parent’s house.

Oh, this Diego-bear, I love him so much. I’m writing to this from a plane-this is also my first trip away. I keep watching and re-watching videos of him giggling.  Hearing Diego’s throaty-gurrgly little giggle makes my heart soar. I wish I could say I make him crack up, but really, it’s David. His eyes LIGHT UP when he sees David, and the two of them get into a fit of laughter and it is just incredible. Happy 6 months to our little Diego!

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