A good weekend

Hello, Wednesday :) We’re counting down the hours to a VERY exciting weekend ahead-Janou and Max’s wedding weekend is almost here! To get ready, we took it super easy this weekend. A few of the weekend elements that made it particularly nice:

Hearty Sunday night dinners. It was (finally) cool enough to use the oven and not melt, so David made a delicious chicken Parmesan and kale salad. 

Lots of time in the backyard. It is amazing how being outside helps us all calm down. Diego can be squirmy and fussy in our room, and the moment I spread that blanket out on the grass, he totally relaxes. He was far more interested in my newspaper than his toys-so I let him destroy the sports section :)

On Saturday night, Silvia came over and David barbecued lamb and chicken skewers-so good!

Wine time. On Sunday afternoon, after an awesome, impromptu stop-and-chat apppearance from the Huas, who were driving home from Tahoe, we checked out Acquiesce Vineyards. It’s an all white wine and rose winery, so I’ve been meaning to visit while it’s still summery. The wine was nice and crisp AND they did the tasting outside in the rocking chairs-I love outdoor tastings.

We brought a picnic and enjoyed the afternoon. Diego was happy in the stroller (hooray!) so we were able to enjoy lunch AND talk and talk and talk-a rare treat. Once again, there’s something about being outside, being in greenery, that just helps us all feel better.

Quiet mornings. With no major weekend plans, we took things very slow in the morning. With our weeks pretty packed, it feels nice to wake up in the morning and turn off the always-thinking-about-logistics part of my brain, and focus instead on pancakes and playtime. Diego supervised breakfast prep-I’ve been these lately and they are delicious.

Neighborhood walks. Finding time for any sort of exercise is a challenge during the week, so I treasure the time for long walks in the neighborhood. Diego is also not a great napper at home, but a long walk usually does the trick.

Hours and hours of Diego-time! Ah-the best :)

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