7 months :)

On Thursday, Diego Antonio turned 7 months old!  He’s officially tipped the scale-he’s closer to a one-year old than a newborn. This little army-crawling, sitting up, giggling child feels very different from the newborn, puppy-faced, bitty baby we brought home this spring. But…he’s still very much a baby. I’m relishing learning more and more aboutContinue reading “7 months :)”

Janou + Max got married!

It’s Sunday night, Diego is (currently) asleep, and tomorrow is a holiday. Finally have a moment to jot down some happy memories from Janou and Max’s incredible wedding! Because of schedule, commutes, etc., Diego and I flew down from Sacramento and David flew in from SFO. I was a bit anxious about managing daycare pickup,Continue reading “Janou + Max got married!”