7 months :)

On Thursday, Diego Antonio turned 7 months old! 

He’s officially tipped the scale-he’s closer to a one-year old than a newborn. This little army-crawling, sitting up, giggling child feels very different from the newborn, puppy-faced, bitty baby we brought home this spring.

But…he’s still very much a baby. I’m relishing learning more and more about him. He loves being outside: walks in his stroller and laying on the blanket in the yard, or even just hanging on the couch on the deck make him a happy camper. He’s not too into solid food, but we (finally) put together the high-chair and he seems to enjoy eating with us. We’ve entered a movement stage: he army crawls, rolls all over, wiggles and pulls himself up in the crib-and we constantly have to watch his active antics. (His favorite pastime? Crawling under the sofa and ripping the fabric off the bottom).

He’s still super serious; furrowing his brow and staring deep (he’s got quite the Resting Baby Face). But, David can ignite a fit of giggles and I love watching his face light up with his dad.

Some firsts from the month:

First wedding: Janou + Max! 

First trip to the desert: Palm Springs for Janou’s wedding. I hope to bring him back soon-love it there.

First overnight away from his mom: Twice! Two trips to D.C. The first one, I felt like the car could not go fast enough home from the airport, I was so anxious to scoop him up. The second one, I was much calmer. Baby steps. Literally.

I think that’s it? Or all I can think of. It was a busy month of travel and getting used to new routines, and Diego was patient and easy-going with it all. Very grateful for that.

Happy and thankful for this sweet baby time :)

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