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Thanksgiving vacation

We’re on our way home after an excellent week with family in Irvine. I’m not sure if it was seeing the ocean almost every day, all the extra help with Diego, or just the comfort of hanging out and relaxing with family, but I’m grateful to be returning to Stockton much more level-headed than when I left last Sunday.

We flew down Sunday morning, and Diego’s face says it all: Really, Mom? You think it’s a good idea to fly with a teething baby? Gooood luck…
Thankfully, he was actually great on the flight. The next few days though…Poor guy had four teeth trying to break through and all the congestion and sleeplessness that accompany that process.

After Mom and Abu picked us up from the airport, we drove to lunch in La Jolla at Sugar and Scribe (delicious!!) and enjoyed a bit of fresh air by the ocean.

On Monday, Abu, Diego and I checked out Sherman Gardens.

and relaxed for a bit at Crystal Cove.

The weather was unbelievable-actually, kind of scary unbelievable. It was so hot-hitting 90 degrees!-so I tried to get to the ocean each day to cool off and admire the view.  On Tuesday, Abu and I split a chocolate shake and lunch at Ruby’s Shake Shack. It still amazes me that for the price of a milkshake and burger, you can enjoy lunch with that spectacular view.

Diego was still pretty fussy, so I was especially grateful for Abu aka the Baby Nap Whisperer, as she helped calm him down and nap each day.

On Wednesday, my mom had the day off, so we all celebrated an early Thanksgiving with lunch at my favorite place: The Beachcomber.

David drove down on Wednesday night, and Thursday we all celebrated Thanksgiving! Hope to write about the day separately. 

On Friday, Janou and Max arrived post-honeymoon in Kauai. Max made us brunch and we all relaxed together before David and I left for our first mini-getaway since having a baby. Hope to write about that, too-it was a great quick trip to Laguna Beach. We enjoyed a low-key family day on Saturday before driving up super early this morning.

It was a wonderful week of family time, incredible food (thanks, Mom!!) and much needed rest. Halfway through the week, Diego’s teeth broke through and he was back to his sweet happy-camper self. It felt so nice to spend the week with so many eager hands ready to scoop up Diego, and play with him, allowing David and I some time to actually relax. It’s been an intense and tiring fall and so this week in Irvine was a VERY welcome respite from the day-to-day rush.

So thankful for my family and this special week together! 

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Season of gratitude 

Diego, my grandma, Abu, and I went to Crystal Cove this afternoon. We were sitting on a picnic bench, on the overlook, staring at the gorgeous blue water, when Diego reached out for Abu’s hand. 

He was fascinated by her watch, but seeing him grasp on to her hand, and sitting between the two of them, between the hands that represent four generations, while looking out at the ocean-it was pretty moving.

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’m looking forward to reflecting. Very grateful for this precious moment, and these special people.

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November-first 1/2

Next week is Thanksgiving! Before it’s full-on holiday season, wanted to remember the quieter weekends during this first half of November.

We’ve been mostly hanging out at home, which is great since we’re all pretty tired by the time Friday rolls around. Still, I’m getting a little cabin-feverish and looking forward to going to SF on Saturday.

At the beginning of the month we went to a fundraiser for Puentes Farm at Bogg’s Tract. The tractor was just begging for a baby-photo shoot…

Diego greeted the chickens :)

Hanging out around the house..

​On Saturday, we packed a picnic and spent the afternoon at Oak Farm Vineyards. The winery has a stunning outdoor fireplace, and it warmed the whole patio on the crisp afternoon.

Diego is moving so much, I’m not sure how many more “hang out in the stroller while we sip wine” outings are in our future…but enjoying it for now!

Happy Wednesday!

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8 months :)

On Sunday, Diego turned 8 months old!

And he is ON THE MOVE. This was definitely a month of monumental growth. The month began with army crawls and now he’s fully crawling, moving everywhere. 

It’s a thrill to watch. He’s determined: sometimes he sticks his tongue out a little, focused on his destination, and sometime he sucks on his lower lip, making his way across the kitchen.

We have to watch him all the time, but it’s also a relief seeing him become (slightly) more independent. He still loves being held, but being able to step away and watch him explore allows me to see him in a new way-a way that I couldn’t when he was so attached. I’m seeing him more as his own little person, driven by curiosity (and an unrelenting interest in anything he shouldn’t play with). Anyway, it’s just fun!

He’s also eating more, and seems happier as a result. At around six months, for a number of reasons, we started giving him formula. This month, we mostly transitioned to formula during the day, and breastfeeding when we’re home. The combination of a fuller baby and less pumping pressure is a nice relief for all of us.

His top gums are SO swollen, but those stubborn teeth have yet to pop! So,Diego is chilling with gummy uppers, and two little jack-o-lantern teeth on the bottom.

I get a kick out of watching him learn. Linda (his daycare teacher) is wonderful. He’s always learning something new, and lately he’s been clapping and waving and it’s a delight to see him piece everything together. 

A few firsts from this month:

First trip to a farm! We went to a fundraiser for Puentes at Boggs Tract Farm last weekend. It was a gorgeous farm brunch on a perfectly sunny fall morning. And Diego seemed particularly taken by the chickens. A few weeks before that, we went to Jessie’s Grove and Diego loved seeing the horses on the winery.

First Halloween and first pumpkin patch: Both adorable :)

First time sleeping in his own room: THANK GOODNESS. I can’t believe how long it to me to get on board. Never thought I would be such an attached parent, but I guess I am? It’s been a good move, and I love his bedtime routine in his sweet little space.

It’s pretty wild to me that Diego has been with us for almost as long as I was pregnant. Time moves so fast! So grateful to be able to watch him grow.

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Neighborhood in the Fall

We’re smack dab in the middle of the prettiest season in our neighborhood. 

It’s getting windy and leave are starting to fall. (OMG. Wait. Is this why it’s called fall? Quick Google break. Yes! It is! Am I the last person to put this together? This is like discovering the letter “D” in the Disney logo).

ANYWAY, eager to catch a few photos before the leaves all fall, I took Diego on a longer walk home after daycare today.
Glorious golden trees!

Love a good tree canopy.

And a good walk partner :)

Who is now snuggled up and totally tuckered out. Gotta rest up for the long weekend :)

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