8 months :)

On Sunday, Diego turned 8 months old!

And he is ON THE MOVE. This was definitely a month of monumental growth. The month began with army crawls and now he’s fully crawling, moving everywhere. 

It’s a thrill to watch. He’s determined: sometimes he sticks his tongue out a little, focused on his destination, and sometime he sucks on his lower lip, making his way across the kitchen.

We have to watch him all the time, but it’s also a relief seeing him become (slightly) more independent. He still loves being held, but being able to step away and watch him explore allows me to see him in a new way-a way that I couldn’t when he was so attached. I’m seeing him more as his own little person, driven by curiosity (and an unrelenting interest in anything he shouldn’t play with). Anyway, it’s just fun!

He’s also eating more, and seems happier as a result. At around six months, for a number of reasons, we started giving him formula. This month, we mostly transitioned to formula during the day, and breastfeeding when we’re home. The combination of a fuller baby and less pumping pressure is a nice relief for all of us.

His top gums are SO swollen, but those stubborn teeth have yet to pop! So,Diego is chilling with gummy uppers, and two little jack-o-lantern teeth on the bottom.

I get a kick out of watching him learn. Linda (his daycare teacher) is wonderful. He’s always learning something new, and lately he’s been clapping and waving and it’s a delight to see him piece everything together. 

A few firsts from this month:

First trip to a farm! We went to a fundraiser for Puentes at Boggs Tract Farm last weekend. It was a gorgeous farm brunch on a perfectly sunny fall morning. And Diego seemed particularly taken by the chickens. A few weeks before that, we went to Jessie’s Grove and Diego loved seeing the horses on the winery.

First Halloween and first pumpkin patch: Both adorable :)

First time sleeping in his own room: THANK GOODNESS. I can’t believe how long it to me to get on board. Never thought I would be such an attached parent, but I guess I am? It’s been a good move, and I love his bedtime routine in his sweet little space.

It’s pretty wild to me that Diego has been with us for almost as long as I was pregnant. Time moves so fast! So grateful to be able to watch him grow.

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