Redding weekend!

Last last Friday, I loaded up the car, picked up David at the train station, and we hit the road for Redding. Katie and Dave were in town with their sweet babies and Katie’s mom was kind enough to host all of us for a cozy weekend up north.

The weekend was particularly special as it was the first time Katie met Diego, and the first time I met Jack. It was equally thrilling to see Parker as a toddler. He’s running, chatting and bursting with a curious personality. I loved watching him check everything out, and Diego and Parker’s interactions were so sweet.

Running to see the ducks in the park:

And trying to coax Tucker (actually the grownups to let Tucker) come play:

I love traveling with friends with babies because a) it’s nice to have time to just laugh and chat about the amazing bonkersness of being new parents, and b) there’s certain consistent elements of baby-friend travel that are equally hilarious and sweet. They include:

1) The constant whirring of sound machines emanating from the bedrooms. Someone is always napping, trying to nap, or (in our case) failing to nap, and the shhhhsssshhhhsshhhhh white noise machine soundtrack is always on loop.

2) Baby monitors are the new cell phones. We forgot ours this time, but on previous trips, trying to decipher whose kid is crying on what monitor, can prove to be a quite a challenge. Also funny, looking around at everyone, “relaxing” after the babies are asleep, with a drink in one hand, and a video monitor in the other. Reminds me, I need to buy a travel monitor for upcomkng trips.

3) No story/thought/conversation is ever complete, rarely is everyone in the same room together (see above re napping), and you just soak up the snippets of stories you can get, in-between feeding, napping, and changing your kid for the zillionth time. (Pretty sure Diego had four outfit changes on Saturday).

4) Not having to do anything or go anywhere because all of your favorite people are in one place. This is THE BEST. Just being able to be cozy together, not worrying about the logistics of a get-together, just spending the whole day together, laughing, 

5) Seeing your babies together. Ok, actually this is the best. Looking at these little people, rolling on the floor, slapping Tupperware lids and blocks together, getting to know each other and thinking, are you kidding me? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were anxious law students, drinking Blueberry Dog beer in Fed Hill, and now my kid is balancing himself on your child’s high chair? When did all that happen? And how awesome is this?

It was all so special. Saturday night, Katie’s parents made an incredible Thanksgiving dinner. I’m still thinking about the cornbread stuffing. Kim and Charlie were also in town, and we all got to meet and admire adorable Isla. A baby photo shoot was clearly necessary. Just one take, and no coordination for this magic! (HA!):

After dinner, we all gathered around the fire pit and roasted s’mores. Ok, so add this to the list of an ideal weekend: having all your favorite people in one place + a warm fire pit. Also, Diego is such a wiggly little guy, he rarely sleeps on me anymore. So imagine my delight, enjoying a glass of my favorite wine, with wonderful friends, and a sleeping baby on my chest. Wonderful :)

Grateful for these friendships and the beauty of seeing the next generation together!

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