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Happy Tuesday! Stopping by to upload a bunch of photos from the last month. It finally feels like winter again, after a bizarre spell of warm weather, so I’m curling up and doing some scrapbooking!

In the last month, we….

Said goodbye to our sweet house, and moved back to Oakland. Here’s Diego just before we packed up the car:

Not at all a surprise, but I was pretty emotional about moving. We also said goodbye and many, many thanks to amazing Linda and Diego’s first daycare:

And Diego’s first buddy, James, and his awesome parents!

And now, we’re settling into a new routine in the city.

The past few weekends were mostly filled with unpacking, organizing, tying up loose ends at the house, etc. etc. etc.

The BEST part of the move-and really, the reason behind the move-all the extra time together. The mornings and evenings are completely different, and I’m immensely grateful the three of us have this time together.

With the extra time, in the evenings, Diego and I are scoping out new walking routes and discovering some incredible views:

We also have more time and energy on the weekends to drive and see friends.

Last weekend, we finally met Benji! I keep looking at this photo and laughing. They look like two old men, who appear to tolerate the other’s presence, but really completely adore each other.

And a few weeks ago, we went on a beautiful walk around Lake Elizabeth with Julie and Declan.

Ha-well, Julie and I had fun :)

And, now we’re much, much closer to Janou and Max = more sister time!

Recently, one of my favorite writers, Kelly Corrigan, wrapped up her book tour for Tell Me More, in Oakland. She read passages from her book (which is SO GOOD), and Lucy Kalanithi interviewed her. Their thoughtful conversation about grief, the writing process, and relationships brought on lots of tears, but also lots of laughter-Kelly Corrigan is hilarious. I’m so happy Janou and I were able to see them in conversation.

Last week, I was in DC for part of the week, which was energizing and productive.

It was a busy three days, but I got to have dinner with Shannon and Katie, and went to Pret every day, which is basically a recipe for a wonderful trip to DC.

Back at home, Diego turned 11 months old! And he’s been (sorta) standing, scooting, babbling, and keeping us on our toes.

Standing on his tippy toes!

Annnnnd…another ear infection.

Wild to think that we’re just about a week away from March. I can’t believe Diego is almost a year old. I need to start writing down my thoughts about his first year…it really is flying by. Sending good thoughts for the week!

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Crosswalk conversations

It’s been a verrrry busy winter here. Between ALL of us getting colds/flu/etc., packing, moving, unpacking, it feels like January was a bit of a blur.

Hoping to post more regularly, as I feel like I’ve missed out on scrapbooking 2018.

Anyway, just dropping by to jot down a recent sweet observation. Diego and i were on a walk-on a new route! In our new neighborhood!-and waiting at the crosswalk, next to the local middle school. Next to us, waiting at the light, are two students. They’re exchanging goodbyes, about to part ways at the intersection, when one says to the other, “well, thanks for sharing your opinion!”  And they cheerfully say goodbye, and are on their way.

It was so sincere, so sweet. I have no idea what they discussed, but the earnest enthusiasm in the one student’s voice, his genuine gratitude at listening to the other’s thoughts and opinions-it just filled me with such joy and hope. If I spend three seconds on Twitter, I’m convinced the world is doomed, full of anger and screaming matches. In reality, people—middle school children—honestly just want to discuss, question and learn. At least these two did. And they made my day.

Completely unrelated: here’s Diego, scooting around with an Eagles cup at Yasser’s Super Bowl party last night :)

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Diego-10 months!

Hello, Friday! Hello, February! I’m way late in posting these but here’s Diego at 10 months. Love watching this sweet baby becoming an-almost-one-year old :)

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