“Can I help with the stroller?”

Feeling pretty heartbroken and angry. The internment of children at the border is not a sentence I thought I would write in 2018, and yet, this is a horrifying reality.

Having trouble processing this and figuring out what to do (other than donate, call Congress, March on June 30).

Crying generally helps me process, but until this morning, I’ve felt too numb and shocked to cry.

Earlier today, I got very emotional before dropping Diego off. Generally, David drops Diego off at daycare, but once-a-week-ish, he’ll have a meeting, and I do drop off. The daycare is only a 20 minute walk from our house, but I always find myself scattered and rushing.

This morning, low on time, I decided to take the bus. Of course the time tracker was off, resulting in this frazzled  stroller-mom running to catch up with the bus. I felt embarrassed when we got on-after all that effort, we weren’t traveling far.

At our stop, practicing Good Bus Manners, I turned to the rear doors…and they closed just as I approached. A kind stranger pushed the button, holding them open, and I realized a new challenge: the bus was way too far from the curb to stroller off.

“Can I help you with your stroller?” The kind bus stranger lady asked, as I was clearly extremely flustered. Somehow, in that moment, I lifted the stroller, the doors slammed behind me, and the bus charged off–before I had a chance to say thanks.

For whatever reason, standing on the curb, I began to cry. In that 5 second exchange, I felt a tiny bit vulnerable and flustered, and someone reached out to help.  Suddenly, all I could think about (and indeed, all I’ve been thinking about) are the extremely vulnerable parents at the border. To feel vulnerable, and be surrounded by agents who offer no empathy, to feel completely alone, must be absolutely terrifying. Who is looking out for these families? Who is there to help? Is there any moment, where they feel kindness or empathy directed at them?  How are they managing to endure, day after day, without their children, their loved ones ripped away from them? And I can’t even think put words to the fear I feel for their children, and the horrifying trauma this vindictive monster is creating for them.

I don’t know what else to say. It is hideous and awful.




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