10 Moments in February

Even though we’re about a week in to March, it feels verrry February-ish, with the rainy, gray skies. That pretty much sums up February for us! Rainy, stuffy noses and colds, lots of soup and time at home. A few moments from when we left our little cocoon:

1) Free museum day at the OMCA: I’m no fan of Bank of America, but I do appreciate their recent initiative to sponsor museum’s with free admission every first weekend of the month. We spent a rainy Saturday morning at the museum, and Diego ran around all the exhibits, before brunch and a really good nap.

2) Weekday babysitting swaps: We love our daycare, but the early closing time is stressful. I’ve started trading a pickup day with another mom, and so we each have one day a week where we pickup the babies and watch them for an  hourish. I was most excited to have an early evening with a little extra time, and while that is wonderful, I actually really enjoy my day with the children. It is adorable watching them play-and they often hold hands walking home!!

3) Hualgar Super Bowl. The Huas hosted everyone for a Super Bowl party, and any opportunity to see these babies together makes my heart so happy.

4) President’s Day Weekend in Irvine: We stayed with my parents for the long weekend. We enjoyed a brief break from the rain and clouds, and Diego enjoyed lots of Saba and Abu Vero time.

5) Crystal Cove Beach Cottage: I’ve been trying to get a reservation for the Crystal Cove Beach Cottages for years. When I saw a room was available during our Irvine trip, I immediately reserved. And….it was an experience! The only available room was a dorm, which is definitely dorm-like. This is the whole room. But-outside that window-the ocean. A stunning view. David and I agreed that we wouldn’t stay in the dorm again, but I’m still on the hunt for a private cottage reservation. Someday! Because along with that ocean view, you have access to….


6) Dinner at the Beachcomber! This was so fun. We walked from the room to the restaurant on the sand and enjoyed a nearly three hour long dinner (did I mention Diego stayed home with his grandparents? :)).  We could only get a 4:45 pm reservation, so we stretched out dinner to enjoy drinks, dinner and an incredible sunset. Maybe next time we’ll actually ask someone to take our photo together-this split screen dinner memory is ridiculous. I’m glad to have at least have this, as it was all a delight.

7) Morning beach walk. No words necessary, just the memory of the thrill of waking up and walking outside to this view.

8) Diego cuddles. David is definitely Diego’s favorite parent. I would say it is a phase…but it’s been going on for months, so….we’ll see. When David is home, Diego wants to be right by his side, and he rarely curls up with me. So, I definitely treasured these cuddles.

9) Almond blossoms! On the train to Sacramento, we zipped by almond orchards, and it made me realize spring is almost here. I’ll always associate the blossoms with those painstakingly long last few weeks before meeting Diego. It was almost exactly two years ago that we went for a drive to check out the blossoms in Stockton. So beautiful!

Ok, February is a short month, 9 moments sounds good to me. Happy March!

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