10 Moments in March

March made up for any low-key, quiet time in February. It was a busy month. But fun! March is birthday season, and it almost feels like Christmas, with a revolving door of donuts, cookies, and cake. Very grateful. We kicked off this first week of April with a ear-infection-cranky toddler, and I’m feeling drained. Rather than dwell on that, taking a moment to pause and remember ten things from March:

1) Janou turned 30!!

And decided to celebrate the new decade with us-which, on a Tuesday night, means Market Hall takeout and Jeopardy. Thanks, Janou! Cheers to the new decade :)

2) Diego’s Dance Party


A few days after Janou’s birthday, we celebrated Diego’s second birthday with a dance (…running around a room with music…) party with friends. We didn’t think Diego would be in to singing happy birthday with a bunch of people around. Well, he proved us WRONG.

3) Diego turned 2!

Diego turned 2 on March 12. It was an otherwise pretty normal Tuesday, but we had a little celebration with pancakes in the morning. His joy with his birthday celebration was an absolute delight.

4) Enjoying the second birthday.

I also found the marking of his second birthday just fun and delightful. Diego’s first birthday left me a weepy mess of emotions, full of reflections on his first year. It was really nice to just enjoy it all, and not be consumed by the hormone/exhaustion/emotion hangover that lasted much of those first 18 months. Its a very welcome change, and I’m grateful for the clear head to enjoy it all.


5) Getting ready for baseball!

This was a sweet moment I want to remember: our neighbors were playing catch in the driveway. Diego wanted to stay outside to watch them, so we did, but eventually my arms got tired holding him, and we went inside. He ran to the window and climbed on the couch to continue watching their game. I was secretly grateful for their entertainment and a few quiet minutes to unwind from the end of the day! Thanks, neighbors :)

6) A Saturday birthday

I turned 34 a few days after Diego’s birthday. We spent the weekend at the beach, thanks to Brian and Kirstin’s kind generosity. I have to say-a Saturday Birthday is amazing. Definitely something to look forward to. And add a beach and best friends to that Saturday birthday? And butter Chardonnay and a Susie Cake? I was as happy as Diego with a donut.

7) Beach sunset and these mamas

Monterrey was gorgeous. We lucked out with the weather and after a winter home in the rain, it was incredibly energizing to spend the weekend in the sun with these friends. I keep scrolling back on these photos dreaming of that gorgeous view and these wonderful people.

8) Diego cuddles

Not necessarily a highlight certainly a big part of spring m: toddler molars. We think they partially came in, but between that, and colds and allergies, Diego has been extra needy. Trying to remember to dole out and soak up the cuddles, especially when the fussiness wears on my patience.

9) Camp Dewberry!

This picture is actually from our apartment for Diego’s birthday, but it reminds me of the long weekend Diego spent at Camp Dewberry. We spent last weekend in Irvine and it was so nice to go for a long walk by the beach, feel WARM in the sun, and be together with Janou and my parents.

10) Beautiful LA

The purpose of the trip was Justice in Aging’s board meeting and fundraising event in LA. The event was an incredible success and I loved the brief time in downtown LA. With all the recent rain, the city is just sparkling and it was a treat to get a coffee from Grand Central Market, ride the Angels Flight funicular and marvel at the city.

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