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10 moments in April

Hello! Happy almost weekend :) It is definitely May and I just wanted to jot down some memories from last month before too much more time goes by.

1) Museum Day!

Still don’t like BofA, but still really like the Museums on Us events. During the first weekend in April, we drove to the deYoung. We got there as it opened, and enjoyed a quiet and empty Arts of the Americas exhibit before the museum got crowded. The observation deck was incredible, and we spent quite a bit of time at the deYoungsters exhibit, which was was more fun and involved than I expected for a children’s section.

2) New Orleans

The Aging in America conference was in New Orleans this year, and it was exciting to have an opportunity to visit the city. Tracey and I checked out Cafe du Monde and it TOTALLY lived up to the hype.

3) Passover!

The three of us had the shortest, simplest Seder, and it was just right :)

4) Earth Day at FROG Park

We joined in the annual neighborhood FROG Park cleanup day, and Diego loved running around with the broom. So many children gathered together to clean! It was really sweet.

5) Easter!

We walked along Lake Merritt and went to brunch in Jack London for Easter. Lucky us, Silvia is an incredible photographer, and took some spring photos of us and Diego :)

6) Saturday night dinner

We got lucky a few weekends and managed to enjoy going out to a (very) early dinner out. Diego grabbed David’s sunglasses at High Peaks Kitchen and officially won dinner.

7) Oakland Zoo!

We were wandering around the Bear exhibit and bumped in to Zac and Isla! I love this picture of the gondola ride down: dads, babies, goldfish and an incredible view.

8) Baby Evie!!

The ABSOLUTE best part of April: Baby Evie entered the world!! Katie is a mother!! We’re going to London in two months and I cannot wait for baby time.

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The Park

I’m in one of those lost stages where I can’t find a commitment worthy book. (Come on, Oakland Library waiting list!). When that happens, I turn to my nightstand copy of Loud and Clear, and retreat to Anna Quindlen’s beautiful words. In tonight’s essay, she mentioned a decades old story about her children, and I thought “how does she remember all that? Does she just have a library of notes from parenting?”

And then I thought about two sweet observations from this evening’s walk to the park. The chance I’ll remember these moments after tomorrow is about 5% (maybe this photo will trigger the memory).

So, anyway, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my computer, and decided to jot down two moments from today that made me smile.

This is not my house, this is not my car. I’ve walked by it over a hundred times on the way home from daycare or the park. I’ve never noticed it before. This evening, walking to the park, Diego took a seat. A nearby house had a half-fence, he sat down, and instructed me (MAMA. SIT.) to do the same. I looked up and saw this home. I imagine the car caught his eye; if you had to create a streetscape diorama to attract a toddler, a green and purple house with a yellow car would be a good start. Seconds later, he was up and running to the park.

It is Mother’s Day Eve. I don’t know if the holiday made me more reflective than normal, but something just made me smile. Have I ever-EVER-stopped mid-walk, to sit on a stranger’s fence, and look at a colorful home? Never. Would I have ever looked up and noticed that scene if Diego hadn’t asked me to stop? Probably not. I can’t resist the temptation to see something there-that my child, in this isolated way and in so many others, forced me to slow down and look around. Stopping, slowing down, pausing, in big and small ways has been a major adjustment, and one I haven’t always handled well. But looking around, observing, stepping outside of myself, and seeking guidance, ideas and opening up my mind–that’s also been a challenge but an incredible one.

Anyway, all to say, thanks Diego, and thank you purple house, for that moment.

The other observation is just fun. While Diego was playing, I started chatting with the sweetest grandparents at the park. They were visiting from out of town, pushing a toddler on the swing, photographing the sweetest baby on the grass. Eventually, the baby got fussy, they began packing up. Then, stroller time. Something with the baby and one of the stroller straps, and then this gem:

“Well, you got her into this. I can’t figure it out! I’m sure she’s fine. I mean, we’ll be right here, she’s not going to fall out.”

I couldn’t stop laughing inside. Of course the baby was going to be fine! But what a delight to be a grandparent and have the confidence of knowing that if you don’t get one of the many safety straps secure, it’s probably going to be totally ok. That type of confidence is totally missing from parents (or at least from me), but rock solid in grandparents. Awesome.

And that was our park outing on this Saturday afternoon!

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