City Block Magic

Last year, while waiting for a table at Saul’s Deli, David and Diego explored the neighboring bookstore. After devouring a pastrami, they brought home City Block, and it became one of Diego’s all-time favorite books.

The book is full of energy, illustrating life in a city, with the story of things that go, things to see, and what to eat.

When I read the Exhale Creativity October prompt was a photo essay capturing moments of everyday magic, I planned to skip it. I love scrapbooking our travel and weekend adventures, but Monday – Fridays are very routine. Not a lot of photo material here. Then, the other night, while reading City Block, I watched Diego’s face light up at the bus ride and park picnic pictures. He recognized these scenes in his own life, and I loved seeing the magic in that connection.

On Monday, I decided to follow his lead, and notice everyday magic in our city blocks. We’ve walked these blocks hundreds of times. This time, tuned in and paying attention, I saw the afternoon through the wonder in his eyes. It made an otherwise uneventful Monday and Tuesday far more interesting.

So, in the (slightly revised) words of one of Diego’s favorite books, here’s the everyday magic of our daycare pickup and an afternoon in our city.

Big City, On-the-Go City! How will we get around? We can wait in line for the bus. Maybe we’ll just tie our shoes and walk around the town…



Big City! So much to see city! What can we do? We can go to the park with friends…















and run around the backyard.

Big City, all-you-can eat city! What should we eat? Apples from the farmer’s market, a slice of pizza from the pizzeria..


or dinner at home after a toddler kitchen-counter jam session :)



Big City, Goodnight City.


This post was written as part of a blog hop with Exhale—an online community of women pursuing creativity alongside motherhood, led by the writing team behind Coffee + Crumbs.  Click here to read the next post in this series “Everyday Magic.”


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