10 moments in December

Catching up on memories from this winter! Looking back, I feel like we lived five lives in December. It was a full month, cramming some big life changes into an already busy season. Here’s some memories:

Hunkering down: Definitely not a pleasant memory, but a big part of December. Strep throat/pink eye/colds absolutely walloped us. It was an awful few weeks, but this little tea party was pretty cute.

Abu time: Thankfully, my mom happened to be in town during the viral fog and stayed with us for a weekend. Our apartment was a mess, we were a mess, and she didn’t bat an eye and just jumped in to cuddle the babies and make it all a bit better. So grateful.

Camp Dewberry: Eventually, the kids and I got better and we flew down to Camp Dewberry for Early Christmas. Diego and my dad played many, many rounds of chess :)

All together! And then David got better and flew down to join us! Diego insisted on a selfie of the four of us.

Babysitters! We were never great about finding reliable babysitters pre-COVID, and now, in pandemic world with a new baby, we haven’t even tried. SO, when we were in Irvine, with the kids in Abu and Saba’s wonderful care, we were able to go away for one night by the water. It rained the whole time (and now, as we’re on week 6 of no rain, I’m desperately wishing it would rain again) but it was still beautiful and a very nice parenting break.

Early Christmas! Janou, Max and Will drove over on December 23 and we all got to celebrate Christmas together. We haven’t been able to do that in several years and so finally being together WITH two new babies felt so special.

Rainbow onesies :)

Karaoke Christmas! We flew back up to Stockton on Christmas Eve for Silvia’s delicious Christmas Eve dinner. Diego stayed up until 10:30 backup dancing for each karaoke song, absolutely determined not to miss a moment.

Moving Day: And then, just three days after Christmas, we moved. NOTE TO SELF: I do not recommend this. The phrase “moving during the holidays” suggests a stressful experience and-it absolutely is! We closed on a townhouse in Alameda at the beginning of December, and, knowing the move would be stressful no matter what, decided to just push through and do it. It all worked out but–oof! It was a lot. Here’s Diego and I the day after Christmas, walking to Cole Hardware to rent a power cleaner for our sofa and buy a new vacuum. At the time I thought, this is the last time we’ll be SO close to so many shops and restaurants that I can literally lug my child and major appliances in my stroller. Rockridge was a special place and I do miss the incredible convenience.

But these guys are pretty excited about the new place :) It’s hilarious to hear Diego say, “I live in Alameda now,” with such conviction. For all my nerves about anything related to change, I’m grateful that this transition has been pretty smooth.

Getting to know the neighborhood: When we found the house, we knew it was close-ish to the water, but couldn’t quite understand how close on Google maps. After we moved in, it was a great surprise to find out we are a short walk to Encinal Beach and its stunning water and city views.

And, since my favorite thing in the world is sandwiches at the beach, it was doubly exciting to find this darling Italian deli, also a short walk from home. Also, hello, Diego the Middle School Years-what an expression!

Paris New Years Eve: The Dillons had a New Years Eve party where we toasted to New Years in London, Paris, and the Azores before it was officially too late for us to be out (ala 7 pm). I neglected to take any pictures, but do love this one of Diego and Isla ringing in the New Year in a ball pit.

Glad to get those moments off my phone an on to something a little more permanent :)

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