10 Moments in March

March is birthday month for half our house and there were other special memories I want to remember-here are 10!

1) Baby blanket afternoons. March was my last month of leave and I tried to soak up as much sunshine and baby time as possible. Sunny spring afternoons with Leoneli are pretty dreamy.

2) Two Year Diagnosaversary. The week-ish of March 2-March 13 is always bizarre, as it marks the anniversary of my diagnosis (March 2) and double mastectomy (March 13). In the past two years, I’m always surprised by how my body reacts to the anniversary (I guess the body really does keep the score). It is an intense time. One morning that week, I was up as the sun was rising and noticed the clouds were putting on a show. I threw a jacket over my pajamas and walked down to the water. It felt pretty stunning to be there, two years later, by the water, and feel ok. So, I took a picture to remember :)

3) Abu and Saba in Alameda! My parents did a quick 48 hour trip up north to see the house and their grandsons. It was a delight to see them. AND a super delight to go on an afternoon bike ride with David to a local brewery.

4) Diego Antonio turns 5! Diego turned 5 and lucky for all of us-his birthday was a SATURDAY. And super lucky for him-it was his weekend to bring home Sowl, the preschool class Snowy Owl. After soccer, he had a class pizza party in the park and seemed to LOVE every minute of celebrating with his friends. Leonel loved swinging with Sowl, too.

5) Fairyland with friends. After a big birthday, and on Daylight Savings, we met up with friends at Fairyland. Loved seeing these cheeky friends on the train.

6) Turning 37! And just as we recovered from Diego’s birthday, I turned 37. The kids look miserable here but for me, it was a very special walk to the water on my birthday eve. The next day, David, Leoneli and I went to tea :)

7) Purim Parade: Batman made an appearance at the preschool Purim parade and it was the most adorable 15 minutes of the school year.

8) Dewberry Reunion!! Janou and I flew to Irvine for the weekend to see Katie! The Tsangs were in Irvine for a few weeks and I wanted to be sure to meet Mira and see our favorite Londoners. It was a special day of eating bagels and sushi, devouring Thrifty ice cream and exploring the playgrounds.

9) Squeezing my nephew! For the first time, I was able to briefly visit Janou and Will without my kids and actually hold this sweet baby in my arms. He is just darling and I wish this was a daily thing!

10) Walking with Leoneli: This is pretty much my favorite part of this age: putting the baby in the Ergo, kissing the top of his head and going for a walk. Soaking up these moments as they are a true joy.

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