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Babies & onesies

It must be a Monday thing. Today I found myself, around 10ish this morning, scrolling through photos of Diego, while pumping at work, fiercely missing him. 

David texted me the photo above, and I was a total puddle of nostalgia. How is it possible that I’m already yearning for and missing the baby years….when he’s still such a baby?  I’m 99% certain it’s just because it’s a Monday, but there’s a smallllll part that wonders if the nostalgia was even stronger…because of his outfit?

I know that sounds completely nuts, but really, there’s something about a baby in little white Gerber onesie that just melts my heart. Maybe because there’s no distraction from his clothes, so the thigh rolls, and his wobbly chin, overwhelmed by his baby cheeks, are even more noticeable.

Anyway, it’s prompted me to spend sometime on my evening commute picking out onesie photos, and I’m quite happy about that.

One day old onesie!

Happy Monday :)

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Diego is 1 month old!

The nap/nursing baby, currently attached to me, turned 1 month old on Wednesday! Hooray! 

Diego Antonio is still a tiny little peanut, with the cutest puppy-dog expressions (the furrowed brow and pursed lips–while fast asleep–are too much) and he’s still very much a newborn.

Since I’ve been basically cataloging our every move, every week, in this little journal, not too much to add, but some random thoughts on life with a one-month old:

Mornings with Diego are the best. Nights are rough, some better than others, but when the sun is up and he is sleeping away, David and I just stare at him, in total wonder.

He’s still so small and new, so obviously, the day is basically an eat-clean-sleep-repeat cycle, but when he’s awake, he (usually) loves music and dancing.  So far, it seems to calm him down and capture his attention unlike anything else.  He’s partial to Chance the Rapper’s All Night (David’s favorite song for Diego-dancing), and Coldplay’s Something Just like This (my Diego dance song-LOVE it).

We try to go for a walk every day in the afternoon. Generally, by that time, we’re both a bit fussy, and it seems to lift our spirits.  Well, Diego just goes to sleep, but I feel much better after some fresh air!

(Diego: 1, Puffin-name-TBD: 0)

Very grateful for this first month, and immensely grateful for all the time we get together. Happy Passover and Easter weekend!

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4 weeks-Spring Break Ed.

Happy Monday! Last week was pretty special because we had an all-star visitor:

My mom! Hooray!! Thanks to her Spring Break, she was able to spend the whole week with us, hanging with Diego and helping us out.  It was wonderful. I kept toasting to Spring Break because it seriously felt like a bit of a vacation-she made the week so nice.

I’ve always loved Southwest Magazine-reading it is one of the best parts of the best airline-and when Brad joined them, I think the magazine got even better.  My mom brought her copy with her, as the issue was particularly timely.  I read the 6 articles during a 3:00 a.m. feeding and found them all insightful and reassuring.  It was nice to read something about babies off-my phone and not in a heavy-handed parenting book.

My mom is pulling a Julie and Julia and working her way through Ina Garten’s latest cookbook.  We’re very happy guinea pigs! She made incredible brisketchipotle popcornavocado saladfilet with mustard and mushrooms, and many delicious breakfasts and pasta dinners.  See what I mean about feeling like a vacation?

And another perk-getting out of town! We met up with my mom’s best friend Holly for lunch in Benicia at First Street Cafe (I’ve been thinking about their scones since December).  I’ve known Holly since I was very little and introducing her to Diego felt like family-a very special afternoon.

Another first from the week-our first evening out alone.  Mom offered to watch Diego, so Tuesday night we headed out on the town, just the two of us… a City Council meeting! Ha.  The council was voting on an important issue and David and I both wanted to weigh in, so off we went.  Thankfully, it was a great night for the city, and a productive and efficient meeting.  We were back home with Diego after a few hours :)

Friday afternoon we visited David in his office and introduced Diego to his colleagues.  PS-baby socks? Is our kid just super tiny or are they a lost cause? The socks never stay on!

After the office tour, we enjoyed sliders and beer at Cast Iron for lunch. One of two Cast Iron visits last week.

And on Saturday, we went right back to the Belding Building to celebrate the opening of Channel Brewing Company :) 

Soon it was time for Spring Break to end and my mom flew back to Irvine.  Man, I wish Irvine and Stockton were a short drive away. Last night Diego was….fussy.  Fussy is a nice way to put it. Anyway, it was a looooooong night.  This morning, as we’re racking our sleep-deprived brains trying to figure out what happened to our sweet, nap-happy child (growth spurt? sleep regression? Regressing from what-he’s only four weeks old!), David goes, “I don’t know, maybe he misses his grandma?” So, maybe that’s it? We all wish spring break lasted longer!

Sunday marked 4 weeks since we went to the hospital to deliver Diego.  This whole time thing is nutty-it feels like way longer, way shorter, all the cliches.  It was time to take the Welcome Home sign off, so we took one last picture )

And yesterday, we introduced Diego to brunch! Cast Iron opened for brunch for the first time, and it was a hit. Long lines, happy customers.  David and I don’t usually go out for brunch, but this brunch was WORTH IT. Creative, delicious, and a happy environment (still thinking about the ricotta pancakes…)

Sending good thoughts for the week ahead :)


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Three weeks

Taking a moment during a late night feeding to remember some happy moments and other firsts from Diego’s third week :)

Mamaroo swing. Recently read some great advice on a minimalism blog about controlling the accumulation of stuff: avoid about searching for unicorns to solve a temporary problem. The author noted how vulnerable new parents succumb to purchasing pointless stuff, hoping it cures the moment’s stress/discomfort.

I totally get it. But sometimes a unicorn is a unicorn and it is MAGIC. And it’s name is the Mamaroo. After avoiding buying a swing, and trying to make-do with the many other baby contraptions we’re fortunate to own, we bit the bullet and bought the swing (above). It was heavily discounted at a neighborhood consignment store and SO WORTH IT. Anyway, that happy discovery, and its “car ride” stimulation feature were certainly a highlight this week.

Daylight savings. Diego was born on Daylight Savings Day (is that what it’s called?). This created some confusion during labor, in the sense that I never knew the correct time. The passage of time is already so bizarre during labor, but the clocks in the L&D room were all over the place that Sunday. Anyway, now I’m super grateful for Daylight Savings. It’s been so nice to go for walks in the early evenings and feel the sunshine.

This tiny advocate! And the adorable onesie from my colleagues. I just love how he looks like he’s fired up and ready to go :)

Baby-wearing and more walks-Experienced a few firsts this week. David and I both used the Bjorn for the first time-he on a walk, and I tried it on my first solo-outing with Diego. I met up with a friend for coffee and Diego slept cozily in the Bjorn the whole time. In another coffee-related first, another morning I walked to Starbucks all by myself. It’s strange how monumental that felt/still feels, given its simplicity. 

This face! Prior to Diego’s arrival, I’d spent all of 4 hours with newborns in my life. Pretty clueless. I had no idea how expressive they can be! Awed by all his faces and reactions.

These two, working hard. I’ll spare the internet my super cheesy, heart-melting reaction to seeing seeing David as an (INCREDIBLY AWESOME) dad, but do want to remember how special it is. (So, so special). Also, ha! Note the 2007 (!!!) UCLA Dance Marathon shirt. 

Amazing Angelica. Speaking of 2007, when David and I first started dating, I had no idea that 10 years later his wonderful aunt would deliver our baby. It was incredibly special to be in the care of family during delivery, but even better because Angelica is literally the BEST nurse. Don’t know how else to say it-she’s a pro and expertly cared for me the whole time. She held my hand during the epidural insertion, did everything she could to help me and Diego through the contractions, and when it became clear the C Section was necessary, kept me as calm as possible and kept the OR running smoothly (she’s the supervising nurse). I’m forever grateful. Friday night we all hung out to celebrate Ava’s 11th birthday!

Going out to dinner. We ventured out of Stockton for the first time and met up with my parents for dinner in Sacramento. My dad was in town for work and we all went to dinner at Cafeteria. It felt so good to be at a restaurant, and very special to be together. 

Family time. While I wish Stockton and Irvine were a short drive away, I’m grateful that we’re at least all in the same state, separated by a short Southwest flight. Very grateful Diego got some grandparent time this weekend-always wish there was more time, but grateful for the visit. 

And now, the start of another week! Sending good thoughts :)

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First two weeks 

We’ve been a little family of three for two weeks :) Even with a few weeks together, I still feel like we’re all very much in our infancy-David and me as parents, Diego as a newborn-and all learning a new rhythm together.

In those first few days in the hospital-which, btw, were CRAZYINTENSE-I remember telling myself: this is temporary, it won’t always be this bananas, we just have to get through these first two weeks.

And so, a lot of this has felt like a hurdle to get through, particularly that first week. Thankfully, with each day, we each grow a bit more comfortable. And, sure enough, with this second week, I’ve felt much more like myself than my first. Guess everything really does just take time?

Anyway, adjustments aside, it’s also been an incredible couple of weeks. Here’s some of the moments I want to remember, post-hospital:

Bringing Diego home!! We both sat in the back seat, we both bawled our eyes out. Diego actually calmed down before me. That drive home, looking at Diego, listening to David tell him all about our neighborhood, and walk him through our house-that felt like Diego’s birth moment. That was when all the reality and raw emotions hit me, and I lost it. In a good way! It was overwhelming and special and it felt like such a relief to all be home together.

Sushi! Ha, slightly less significant, but still important. The second night we were home, my mom generously treated us to sushi for dinner-and all the rolls were amazing.  Exactly what I wanted to celebrate my birthday and being home.

Birthday cake!! Four days after Diego’s arrival, I turned 32 :) My mom outdid herself and baked this gorgeous chocolate cake ala Ina’s Cooking for Jeffrey book. Layer after layer of deliciousness.

Diego’s Grandma!! My goodness, my mom saved the day that first week. From keeping the house in order, to all the groceries, to all the meals, to her morning Diego time ( = sleep time for David and me) I am so grateful she took the week to help us out. As wild as that whole first week was, my mom’s steady presence was a tremendous help.

These two buddies. Ha, I was walking behind them on the way to the doctor, and noticed they kind of matched. Not to be a total puddle of cheesiness, but I love seeing the two of them together.

UCLA!? Bummed about their loss to Kentucky, but it was fun watching the other two games. Also, oddly thankful for the March Maddness. Turns out, hours and hours of basketball is kind a perfect, almost soothing, entertainment when you’re entirely too exhausted to read or focus on anything. 

Getting outside! And introducing Diego to our neighbors. My friends who has c-sections have been super helpful and supportive with advice and encouragement. They all recommended walking, whenever possible. They are so right. Our daily, very slow, very brief, walks have worked wonders for my sanity. There’s been some rainy days, but most afternoons have been sunny and springy. 

Speaking of our neighbors, they are (thankfully) so excited about Diego. I keep worrying his late night wails are waking them up, but our next-door neighbor says she doesn’t hear…Our neighbors, friends and family have been super generous with their excitement over Diego-he is one lucky little baby :)

One of the kindest gifts (and one of the 1,000 times I cried last week) was this song from Eric and Molly. They wrote a song about Diego, to the lyrics of Carmen Sandiego. How sweet is that? Eric said it makes Diego sound like a loveable scoundrel-ha!-and I’m just amazed at all the detail they incorporated from our life.  Awesome.

Trying to nap in the afternoon when Diego sleeps, but most of the time I just want to look at him and hang out. 

The Wing Jones US Launch! Wing Jones was released in the US on March 14-amazing! Katie did a reading in SF on Thursday night. Even though we couldn’t be there in person, we celebrated at home. So proud and amazed that Katie’s BOOK-one she wrote from her amazing imagination-is on bookshelves across America.

Ha! This was a moment after the end of the Florida-Wisconsin game. UNREAL.

Saturday morning, we decided to try out a walk to breakfast. It’s a short walk to House of Shaw, but I was still nervous we would get there and have to turn around. Thankfully, Diego was great! I know every outing won’t be this easy, but it was reassuring to have a good first run.

Celebrating over chai lattes and bagels :)

A very special Sunday afternoon. In a lucky twist of timing, Janou and Katie were both in SF at the same time. Max was awesome and drove them to Stockton yesterday, bringing lunch, groceries, and a lot of love for Diego. The phrase “my heart was bursting with joy” is totally overused, but it totally applies here. To see the most important people in my life-who are usually in DC and London-in my living room, meeting my son, well yes, my heart nearly exploded from joy. 

Ha! Cheering on Diego during tummy time. David hates that phrase; he calls it Ab Blasters :)

!!!! So much love.

Diego with his aunt and uncle!

Sending good thoughts for the week ahead :)

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