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Janou’s Bachelorette Wellness Hometown Weekend!

“A best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier,” Janou shared this famous Mindy Kaling quote in her toast at my wedding, and as she pointed out, in our case it’s not totally true: Janou is my best friend. So it was absolutely thrilling to celebrate her at her bachelorette this weekend.

In planning this, Janou was, thankfully, very direct with her request: a wellness weekend, at some of her favorite places close to home. Hiking, beach, kombucha.

The one sliiiiiiiight planning challenge: everyone loves Janou. So many friends! I was a bit nervous about the big group-would everyone have fun? Did we have enough planned?

Thankfully, Janou’s friends are awesome and everyone was very relaxed and easy going all weekend. 

Perhaps it helped that we were in a beautiful place!

Friday night, over dinner, rose and kombucha cocktails, we swapped Janou stories :)

I stayed at my parent’s house at night-I’m not quite ready to be away from Diego all night-and brought him to breakfast in the morning. I loved seeing him getting passed around-that sweet boy just wants to be held ALL THE TIME.

Virginia was incredibly generous and took everyone on a hike of Moro Canyon. 

While the group hiked, I picked up sandwiches for a picnic on the beach.

It was a perfect afternoon for the beach-bright sun, sparkly water-the best.

Saturday night was dinner at Sushi Roku. I haven’t gotten dressed up in…a while…and it felt nice to have such a festive reason to go out.

At dinner, I got a little emotional looking at everyone in the room, thinking about how much Janou has impacted all of our lives. Throughout the weekend, everyone shared memories of special moments and hilarous adventures with Janou, and I was struck by what a tremendous friend she is. I mean, I know she is with me, but her love and generosity with her friends is incredible. We’re all so lucky for her friendship and it was so special to spend the weekend celebrating.

Love you, Janou!! Can’t wait for the wedding in September!

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Mama-Fay-Diego Day

Last Friday I had an appointment in SF, so I decided to make a day of it with my mom and Diego :)

Diego was great on the way there-he handled the traffic, BART ride, and non-working elevators like a champ.

A few years ago, when we went to see Mindy Kaling at the Nourse Theater, we went to a wine bar across the street from Zuni Cafe. I remember being struck by the big yellow awnings, and mini-Flatiron building architecture, and taking a mental note to return some day. When my mom recommended it for lunch, I was like, yessssss please!!!

It was such a treat. A beautiful restaurant, with a zinc bar, wood-stone oven, and big, airy windows. And the food was delicious! Check out that mountain of fries…

Even if the food was terrible, the awnings alone would make me love the place. They’re so friendly!

Can’t we Talk about Something More Pleasant? is one of my absolute favorite books. The Contemporary Jewish Museum has an exhibit of Roz Chast’s illustrations and we walked over there after lunch.
The curator’s description of Chast’s humor is spot on:

Its a humor of complaint…It’s a humor of nostalgia, which actually is a humor of the costs of change, and the tragic brevity of human existence.  It’s a humor about social foibles, the silliness of so much of our behavior we take for granted.”

The exhibit has an entire wall covered in pages from the book, and I loved seeing my favorite moment in the memoir in real life.

And had to take a picture in front of the elder lawyer story. And omg, Diego’s expression!

After the museum, we walked down to the Hyatt at the Embarcadero. Of the places I breastfed that day (the SF Federal Building, the museum lobby, and the hotel) this was the best. The atrium of the hotel is a perfect respite from the city, with comfy, quiet corners perfect for feeding babies.

After picking up some empanadas and alfajores at El Porteno in the Ferry Building, it was time to go home.

Diego hit his limit in the car-its a long journey back!

Grateful for the pretty weather and a wonderful day with two of my favorite people!

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Family photos :)

David’s colleague Erik is an amazing photographer. He took photos of us for the holidays and after Diego was born, he kindly offered to come over and take some family photos.

I’m pretty impressed by the quality of iPhone pics, but I realize they just don’t compare to a good camera and a skilled photographer. Some of my favorites:

These are from a few weeks ago…those sweet baby cheeks are even bigger and rounder now!

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Baby’s first bridal shower

Janou is getting married in three months! This weekend, we loaded up the car and drove down to Irvine to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Diego travels light:


The drive down the 5 is looooooong, but thankfully, we had some good podcasts and In-N-Out to look forward to.

Thanks for humoring us, Diego :)

On Friday, we ran errands for the shower and did a bit of shopping. This jacaranda tree was magnificent!

Saturday was kind of June Gloom-y, so basically, perfect beach weather for a three month old. I’m learning that a baby beach trip requires considerably more stuff-no more throwing a towel in the car and calling it a day.  Though, have to say, this umbrella/tent thing did make the afternoon way more comfortable.

It was pretty special spending the afternoon at my favorite place with three of my favorite people.

Diego loves Janou!!

Slightly sun-kissed and sandy, we all got cleaned up for dinner Saturday night. We enjoyed a spectacular dinner at Il Fornaio- and enjoyed the meal at the kitchen table. So fun!

Sunday morning, we prepped for the main event: Janou’s bridal shower. Trader Joe’s really came through with some beautiful flowers. The flower haul before:

And after-amateur arrangements:

With the beautiful bride :)

I loved seeing Janou with her wonderful friends and observing all of their excitement over Janou’s upcoming wedding. CAN’T WAIT.

Diego received so much love at the shower. He was passed around all the ladies all afternoon, watching everything, taking in all the conversation. I read something once that babies need to hear 1,000 (or maybe it was 10,000? 100,000?) words a day as part of their development. After an afternoon of buzzing conversation, watching wide-eyed Diego absorb it all, it made we wish babies could skip daycare and just go to bridal showers everyday. 

There’s something about a table post-party, overflowing with empty champagne glasses, thoroughly-relished dessert plates, the last few pieces of chocolate, that I love. The sign of a good party, full of love and laughter. And GF Pizza Dough mix :)

Very grateful we could all be together this weekend and SO excited for Max and Janou’s wedding in September!!

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Lee’s birthday weekend!

Wednesday was my my dad’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad! Feeling very grateful for the weekend we spent together celebrating.  Knowing this was a special birthday and we would all want to be together, my mom generously invited us to an awesome weekend in San Francisco.  We spent two nights in the city, enjoying good restaurants, celebrating Dad and seeing friends.  Some photos from the trip:

It only took two false starts and one-almost-forgotten piece of luggage to get the three of us and allllllll the baby stuff in the car and on the road.  We met up with my parents at the hotel and headed straight to lunch at Wayfare Tavern. It was around the corner from our hotel and I’ve always wanted to try the fried chicken (so good!).


Ha! We look like two kids whose parents let them try a sip of beer at Thanksgiving. My mule was refreshing, but David’s Tavern Sour was incredible.


A special moment: David showing Diego the Transamerica Pyramid.  He fell in love with the building as a kid, and credits it for sparking his interest in cities.

Although we were celebrating my dad, my parents kindly offered to watch Diego Saturday night so we could go out (hooray for grandparents!!).  On the way to dinner, David and I realized that while we had been out a few times without Diego, this would be our first dinner out together.  We made a reservation for Le Colonial and got a table on the pretty patio. I LOVE the tile floor.



After watching the SF episode of The Layover, I’ve been SO curious to check out the Tonga Room.  We never made it when we lived in Oakland and I was eager to check it out.


What a TRIP.  The hourly rain, the band in the pool, and the over-the-top kitschy absurdity of it all was totally charming.  AND we got to hang out with Mr. Bress and Orit!


AND, it being Memorial Day Weekend, it was only fitting to run into a bunch of (much, much, younger) former tour guides while dancing to Sweet Caroline.

After the late (for us) night, we were all up bright and early the next morning for a walk through Muir Woods. Diego’s first national park!

In my growing collection of “David walking with stroller” photos, the backdrop of this one is my favorite. 

After the good walk, my dad recommended Mill Valley for lunch. It was a delightfully, charming surprise! And lunch at Kitchen Sunnyside was just right.

That evening, we all got dressed up for the main event: Dad’s birthday dinner! COULD NOT HANDLE this outfit. Such a dapper little Diego!

I think Thanksgiving was the last time we were all together for dinner. My heart felt so grateful and happy to be gathered at a table with my favorite people, toasting to my dad. He deserves to be celebrated every weekend. Very, very thankful we got to thank him together on this special weekend.

And dinner at Chaya was exceptional. Such a treat!

In a fortuitous twist of events, Taryn and Jenna happened to be in the Bay Area for the weekend.  We originally planned on picnicking at Dolores on Monday morning, but facing a chilly morning, we opted for the Ferry Building instead. Can’t describe how special it was to meet my best friend’s amazing wife AND introduce them to Diego!

14 years of friendship!!

Kicking off a week of Diego and baby meetings, we all got to meet sweet baby William! Molly, John and sweet Sutter joined us and we got to admire their charming baby boy. Baby Bruins!!

After Gotts for burgers and milkshakes, it was time to head back home. So thankful for the weekend of food, friends, the city, and most of all, celebrating Lee!!!

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