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Feel the Bern?

Yesterday evening, while walking back from Trader Joes, I noticed a sweet older couple loading their groceries in their car.

“I like your bumper stickers!” I said, though, it initially seemed like they didn’t hear me.  Their car was adorned in BERNIE 2016 paraphernalia, one of a growing number of Berniemobiles in my neighborhood.

After a few seconds, the owner popped out around her car and shared her hope for Bernie.  Then her eyes narrowed.  She shifted her stance, her voice grew stern, and she sharply stated:

“It can’t be Hillary.  I DO NOT LIKE HER.”

Her vitriol took me by surprise.  She was obviously a liberal voter, yet, her tone of disgust was beyond anything I’ve heard from progressives.  After growing up in Irvine, I’m familiar with Hillary disdain, though, it was always generated by conservatives.

While unexpected, I totally invited her response by mentioning the stickers.  I do love Bernie Sanders, the Berniementum, and the fact he has absolutely elevated the most pressing issue of our time: serious economic inequality. On the issues, he gets it.  After seeing him speak about rising senior poverty and our dire need for improved long-term services and supports, I don’t doubt he’s an expert and prepared to lead.

Yet, a year-ish from the primary, I’m 90% sure I’ll vote for Hillary.  The main reason is elect-ability and the importance of having a Democrat in the White House.  The second is experience-I value a leader with her depth of service. Yet, the Trade Joe’s conversation and Hillary-angst among progressives is concerning. Sure, it is important to have a candidate who may draw moderates away from Republicans.  But what at what cost? What’s the cost: benefit of a candidate who attracts some swing voters but ensures progressives stay home?

The stories of Game Change and Hillary’s 2008 collapse loom large in my mind when thinking about the 2016 candidate. Thankfully, the world is far different today than 2008, and imagine Hillary, and her team, are sharper and more focused.

For me, there’s no real conclusion to this reflection-just jotting down early thoughts on this election.

Searched for a photo of Bernie and Hillary, and this popped up. Don’t really know what else to say about Hillary v Bernie, so I’ll just end with a little Matt Damon :)

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Still in recovery-zone from the exam, but wanted to jot down a few fun moments from Sunday. After a total two month social shutdown, it’s been really nice reconnecting with friends.

On Sunday afternoon, Zac and Narges hosted a decadent British brunch to celebrate moving to their new home. They thought of everything-roasted tomatoes, baked beans, lemon curd, and buttery, flakey, delicious homemade scones. Generally reluctant to take pictures of food, I couldn’t hold back after admiring their table:


Beyond their top-notch culinary talent, Zac’s also quite the mixologist-he even made a drink menu!


The Bitter Elder was delicious.

Sunday night, Ananth was amazing and organized a dinner at LoLinda, an incredible Argentine restaurant in SF. We had drinks on the roof patio, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to be outside, in the sun, with a fancy drink and awesome friends, not thinking about studying. It felt like a real Sunday! So grateful to have those back.


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Friends to Grow Up With.

Full disclosure-just binged on several episodes of Parenthood, so….you can guess my state of mind while writing this. This weekend, Kelleen and Katie were rockstars and travelled to Oakland for a We Turned/Turning 30/the Bar is over/End of Winter reunion weekend.

While past reunion weekends were filled with nights out, day drinking, and hours of laughter, this weekend reminded me of the value of a different kind of reunion. When we lived closer together, yes, we had a BLAST, but we also had each other close by to talk and cry while growing up in law school. So much of law school was beyond miserable, but it helped me grow up and it fostered incredible friendships.

This weekend reminded of all of that. The first few months of 2015 were intense for all of us. Intense in awesome ways, and intense with other challenges. We each needed this weekend to vent, cry, laugh and be reminded that we’re growing up, and it can be overwhelming, but it’s ok. When I say we basically did not stop talking from the moment we sat down at Chow Park for lunch on Friday ’till Sunday morning at the airport-it would only be a slight exaggeration. We had a lot of catching up to do! I’m still feeling pretty drained from the past two months, but being together, talking and listening was tremendously restorative.

This wasn’t the ridiculously, over-the-top reunion weekend of the past-but that wasn’t what we needed. We just needed each other to talk, listen, cry and laugh in a way you only can with the people who know you best. Even though I’ll soon be 30, I still feel as though I’m growing up-and I couldn’t think of better friends to grow up with.


(We did had fun! We just forgot to take any photos-this is the only one. It’s from the Claremont, after great brunch at Rick and Anne’s. We’re all displeased with how we look in the photo, but I’m just grateful that we got one!)

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Hello, February

What a difference a weekend makes! Made a conscious effort to use this weekend as a bit of a re-set to gear up for the final three weeks. Enjoyed a bit of sunshine, water views and a great breakfast with David at the Ferry Building before a day of studying at the CV East Asian Library:





Sunday morning, David and I went for a loooong walk through a gorgeous redwood park just 20 minutes east of here:


And then-back to the library.

The time away from studying was really helpful. It felt so good to take time to be outside, just enjoying this gorgeous place together. It’s pretty serious here on out, but hoping this brief reset helps fuel me through the next three weeks!

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If you don’t have something nice to say

Been pretty quiet as a) have no time to think, but b) any writing thoughts I’ve had have been venting/stress, and so figure, better to not say anything at all.

One more month.

Just went on a nice walk, called my mom, and am feeling grateful for this quiet day to catch up. Can’t wait for this test to be over and to get back to feeling like myself again.

For now, just want to remember this spectacular view. One perk of leaving work before the sun goes down-catching this glorious scene at the BART stop:


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