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We’re in the middle of a (punishing) heat wave around here. We’re talking temperatures of 111°! Surprisingly, I’m not totally losing my mind, and trying to take advantage of the quiet days and soak up time with Diego. I’m back at work in two weeks, so I’m really really trying to enjoy these moments. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

Lots and lots of hanging out. It’s so much more fun now that Diego can smile and interact and he’s becoming more of his own little person.

First ball pit! Mira has an AWESOME first birthday party and and it was so special to see everyone together. The five of them in the ball pit together lasted all of 3.5 seconds. 

Zoo day :) The Sacramento Zoo is sort-of a central location for the three of us, and we took advantage of the cooler weather last week to check it out. I honestly didn’t expect much from the zoo, but it was pretty great! I was mostly looking forward to catching up with Christie and Molly, which was absolutely wonderful.

Despite his expression, I think Diego enjoyed it? I LOVED seeing the giraffes.

David’s colleague Erik is an incredible photographer and he kindly came over a few weeks ago to take some family photos – I love them.

David’s been barbecuing more, and last week he made an excellent carne asada. Looking forward to more grilling once the weather cools down a bit.

We planned an impromptu trip to Pinecrest last weekend. We were gone for just 24 hours, but it still felt so nice to get outside and relax. Hope to write more about the trip soon!

Father’s Day! David rang in Father’s Day with an early morning alarm to meet an HVAC specialist. We returned from Pinecrest refreshed and rejuvenated-to a house with a broken AC system. Oof. Thankfully, it was quickly fixed and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day with David’s family, cooling off in the pool.

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Three months!

Monday marked three months of Diego Antonio!

Took a few photos Monday morning before heading out to meet up with Christie and Molly (+ babies) at the ZOO!

This month, the weather got warmer and Diego (and I) broke out of the sleepy newborn haze and he became more of a baby. Everything everyone says about baby smiles? True times a million. It’s just amazing. Diego also started making more noises, little drawn out coos and calls, and I love hearing his voice.

It’s been a treat to get out more and see more friends, now that we’re (slightly) more comfortable navigating this whole life with baby thing. A few of Diego’s firsts this month:

First act of civic engagement: Diego attended the State of the City address, and quietly listened to the Mayor’s excellent remarks.

First celebrity sighting: MC Hammer! Ha. At the State of the City :)

First National Park: Muir Woods for my dad’s birthday 

First BART trip: Rockridge to Embarcadero-and back!

First “wild” animal: The llamas at Redwood Regional on Mother’s Day

First art show: The Sycamore Social 

First museum: The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive…but we only checked out the gift shop. Museum looks AWESOME and I would love to return. 

First hotel: The Omni in SF (sorry kid, don’t get used to that!)

First Food Festival: The Jewish Food Festival at Temple Israel

First concert in the Park: The Wednesday night Victory Park summer concert

First hail storm: We had a crazy summer storm on Sunday. So rare in Califoenia, but it reminded me of DC-thunder, lightening, the whole thing.

While it’s AWESOME introducing Diego to all this, I’m most grateful for the hours and hours of quiet time baby time. The mornings and afternoons with Diego napping on me, or walking around the house, Diego cocooned in the Bjorn, just content and cozy together-it’s been incredibly special. Incredibly thankful for this time together and this sweet, three month old baby :)

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Happy Thursday! Clearing out photos on my phone and wanted to remember some moments from the last few weeks:

Diego and Andie! Jon and Melissa kindly came by for the day with tons of food, cake and snacks and brought sweet Andie. Andie is gentler than a quiet cat, and even though Diego looks terrified, I think the baby-dog meeting went well.

Diego’s first art show! The Sycamore held their summer social hour a few weeks ago, featuring impressive works by a local artist. 

Today was quite cool (and it even rained last night) but we’ve also started experiencing some brutal Central Valley summer days. The silver lining? Lots of naps in the air conditioning. AND time to watch Master of None. We just finished Season 2 last night. Can’t stop daydreaming about Italy. This announcement makes trip planning even more tempting…andiamo!

After the recent heat wave, we were able to enjoy a beautiful, cool evening at the Lodi farmer’s market.

One of several Bruin baby meetings :) Last week, on the way to Oakland, I stopped by Christie’s to meet sweet baby Colin. Colin is basically Diego’s twin: they were born less than 5 hours apart! Different birthdays, as Diego arrived late at night on the 12th and Colin early in the morning on the 13th, but still. And here they are holding hands!

Introducing Diego to my wonderful colleagues! It was pretty awesome to bring Diego to the office and see everyone after several months away. Feeling very grateful to work for such a supportive organization :)

While David attended a conference in Berkeley, Diego and I spent the day exploring. After a salad at Sweetgreen (will Chop’t ever move to California??) we checked out the new BAMPFA. Gorgeous architecture and excellent gift shop. That’s as far as we got, as the main objective for the day was…

Baby’s first BART ride. I wanted to try it out on a day where we didn’t have to be anywhere, in case it took a while or I got overwhelmed. Diego was great! We rode from Rockridge to Embarcadero, he took it all in, wide eyed and (fairly) calm.

The BEST part was meeting up with Janou for a walk. So immensely happy that she’s back in California-HOORAY!!!!!

At home happy hour Friday evening, feat. delicious Cowgirl Creamery’s delicious Mt Tam cheese and Chesterfield Cellars’ chardonnay.

Third Bruin baby meeting of the week! On Saturday, we drove to Rocklin to see Eric, Molly and darling Rose. 14 years ago, days after moving in to the dorms, Molly and I met on Bruin Walk and became fast friends. Pretty special/unreal to see the babies together.

On Sunday, Temple Israel hosted their 48th annual Jewish Food Festival. We brunched on lox and bagels and stocked up at the bake sale.

We’ve had some long days this week…

But he is pretty adorable…

And pretty laid back about checking out new things. Last night, we packed a picnic and walked to Victory Park for the first night of their summer concert series.

And that’s the last few weeks around here! Happy almost weekend :)

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Wednesday thoughts…

Diego got his first round of vaccines yesterday, and woke up this morning a cuddly, tired little monkey.  While he sleeps curled up on me, wanted to jot down some recent memories:

Last week, I drove to Healdsburg for a work retreat. Seeing all my colleagues (from all three offices!) and engaging in a day of important, substantive conversation was a perfect shot of energy. And, it helped me feel a bit more confident about being away from Diego for a day. AND-the drive back as STUNNING. Due to horrible traffic on the 101, Google maps rerouted me to take Highway 12 and it was a very happy adjustment! The route tracked gorgeous wineries and vistas throughout Sonoma Valley and made the hours of driving a pleasant escape.

Speaking of escapes, I’ve become a total Crooked Media junkie. After avoiding Keeping it 1600 because I assumed the hosts would be smarmy egomaniacs, I caved and started listening to Pod Save America. I’m HOOKED. John Lovett’s (smarmy but spot-on) humor might be the only way I can mentally survive this administration (and stay moderately informed during parental leave).

Master of None returned!! I keep hearing how it is even better than last season. I can’t wait to watch.

On Friday night, the Library and Literacy Foundation of San Joaquin County hosted their annual trivia bee fundraiser. Our team didn’t win, but it was a super fun night AND hilarious to wake up the next morning and see this:


The SJBC hosted their annual Best Ride Ever Ride on Saturday and Diego and I met up with David at the final stop, Lange  Twins Family Vineyards in Lodi.  Another “wow, I can’t believe I ever judged people for —-” moment? Using the curbside pickup at a deli. Pre-baby, I would have been flabbergasted at the need for curbside pickup IN A STRIP MALL with ample parking. Post baby? I giddily picked up our picnic sandwiches (delicious, from Fioris Deli) without having to wake my napping baby. Curbside pickup = genius.

This was my first time at Lange Twins and the wine was excellent! After the tasting, we enjoyed a glass on the lawn-it was a delicious.

Also-how about this polite little drinker, clasped hands and everything? :)

Since Diego was born, I’ve been on quite the social media bender. Honestly, with hours and hours of nursing and a mushy, sleepy brain, scrolling through endless photos is about all I can handle. Anyway, I decided to log off for the day on Sunday to truly enjoy Mother’s Day.

That lasted until 6 pm-so, small victory?

When I logged back on, I saw this beautiful print by Mari Andrew, c/o Cup of Joe, and it just brought tears to my eyes. It was exactly what I wish we could all say and express on this lovely, but emotional, and sometimes painful holiday:

I thought a lot about the emotional gravity of the day, and Mari’s art better expresses those thoughts than any words I could put to paper.

I’m profoundly grateful to have been with my family on my first Mother’s Day. When David asked what I wanted to do, all I could think about was getting out in nature. Sunday, after breakfast, we drove out to Redwood Regional Park.

Just the forest bath I’ve been wanting. We mostly stuck to the paved walk, which extends through gorgeous little meadows and cuts through the spectacular redwood trees.

And…in one of the meadows…a family of llamas! This man just brought his four llamas to the park! David was BEYOND excited.

This guys name is Quinoa. Of course it is.

We ended the day with pizza from Zachary’s and kale Caser salad from Market Hall-hooray!

Big news in our house: Diego moved into his crib.  Can’t tell how he feels, or if he even notices, but a big change! He looks so, so tiny when I put him in it, I can’t believe it. The first night, it broke my heart a bit, I was so worried he would feel abandoned, but once again, I was far more stressed than Diego.

However, he did NOT love getting his shots. This was just before his vaccines at his two month appointment. The nurse was so kind–and didn’t judge me when I said I couldn’t watch!–but Diego was not pleased. Walking back to the car, he just glared at me from the stroller-ouch.

img_2118Lots of napping, cuddling and curling up together to try to restore his trust :)

Looking forward to the weekend!

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2 months!

Diego Antonio is two months old today!

Writing this, as usual, on my phone, while my favorite little two-month-old naps on me :) Definitely feel quite a difference at two months versus one month. A few first and other moments I want to remember:


  • First flight! From Sacramento to Orange County at six weeks.
  • First trip to Target! This seems like a fairly monumental milestone American baby experience. He slept through the whole thing in the Bjorn :)
  • First brewery. Diego was a good sport during Incident 1 of MANY when his parents did the exact thing they swore they would never do as parents (take a baby to a bar, take cheesy baby monthly photos, talk incessantly about baby sleep patterns…)
  • First time in the East Bay, first party, first picnic, first farmers’market–hopefully a first of many more of these experiences.
  • First time spending a whole day without me: On Wednesday, I drove to Healdsburg for a work retreat and David and Diego spent the day together.  Total pulling-off-the-band-aid day, but I had a great time at the retreat and Diego had fun (?? who knows, he’s two months old! Probably better to just say his was fine) at home. Total relief!
  • First trip to the beach. Ahhhh-the best.

Was just looking at photos of Diego from last month, and he has definitely grown! He’s still a tiny little peanut, but I think he’s done with his newborn clothes and he’s finally getting some rolls on his previously lanky legs and arms.  Speaking of his arms-he’s started to discover them. Not sure if he recognizes that his hands are actually attached to him, but he’s been playing with them more and more. And, the best part of two months, these little smiles.  Like his mom, his much cheerier in the morning than in the evenings, and his smiles make my day.

Oh man, I am so grateful for this time and these moments. It’s overwhelming and intimidating learning how to be his mom and I’m immensely thankful for all of it.

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