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5 months!

On Saturday, Diego Antonio turned 5 months old!

His smile!

The lateness and brevity of this post reflect the general spirit of the month. It was a month of sweet firsts, incredible time with grandma, hot hot hot weather, and a lot of changes.

Some firsts:

  • First big trees: Family hike at Big Trees State Park!
  • First concert: James Taylor at AT&T Park
  • First non-breast-milk food: He’s staaaaarting to enjoy rice cereal
  • First full week at daycare: We all survived!
  • First bachelorette party: Ha! Stopping by his Aunt Janou’s party :)
  • First weekend trip with friends: Weekend in St. Helena
  • First swim classes: At the UOP pool-really just floating in Mom’s arms classes, but still so sweet

We are SO grateful my mom generously spent the whole month with Diego while I transitioned back to work. It gave me great peace of mind, but more than that, it was beautiful watching the two of them play and relish their time together.

Not being someone who handles change..with ease…having my mom’s steady reassurance helped with the sometimes hectic month. Diego really leaned into the 4 month sleep regression and it’s been pretty exhausting.

Honestly, all I want to do all day is keep him cozy against me, like a little kangaroo, squeezing and kissing him. The other day, I had a moment of panic: Is sending him to daycare a bad idea? Maybe I should find a way to just hold him ALL DAY.

And then, after taking a deep breath, and looking at him, rolling around on the floor, chatting (actually Howard Dean-style screaming) to himself, I calmed down. He needs to grow, be around other kids, he can’t be in my arms all the time. Keeping him in my clutches keeps me happy, but it’s not actually helping him grow.

And oh man, it is awesome to see him grow! Feeling so lucky, this Friday evening, watching him play with his Clifford, listening to Van Morrison, and gearing up for a weekend with my favorite five month old :)

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Diego, right now

It’s 3:07 on Saturday afternoon, and Diego is five months old today. I hope to take some five months photos in a bit, and write more about his firsts, but right now, I just want to stop time for a moment.

All I want to do is freeze these moments, and keep them somewhere, so when time moves on, and I’m overwhelmed by…something…I can beam back to this moment.

To Diego right now.

His little cheek on my chest, his arms around my body, his little peach fuzz of hair at the top of his head. His little baby breaths-little spurts in and out-and I can see his back, rising and falling with each one.

His skin is so soft, and when he wiggles I catch a scent of detergent, lotion, and baby breath. I can’t stop staring at his eyelashes, his snobby upper lip, and that tiny little chin (with a layer of baby chin fat below :)).

He just smiled in his sleep! Ahh…sleeping baby grins.

We had quite an afternoon getting to this point. It’s been a month of pretty rotten night sleep overall, and his naps are not much better. After a brief morning nap in the stroller, and a cat nap in bed, I fought a losing battle for a solid, afternoon crib nap. With the Ergo in the living room, part of me said, “just give in…just wear him, let him sleep.” While the exhausted new mother, following whatever sleep method I’m pinning my hopes on now said, “no, no, no. He needs to sleep in the crib, he needs to learn.”

Obviously, I caved. It was the third voice-the adjusting to working motherhood voice-that broke me: “you’re away from him all week! Curl up with that baby, let him hear your heartbeat, and soak up that sweet baby nap!”

And man, I’m so grateful I did. Less than 5 minutes of Ergo time and he was out. And now, I’m relishing a blissful afternoon of baby naps, living in the life of Diego right now.

It’s so hard to be in the moment with this parenting thing, and so hard to know which voice to follow, what way is right. This is certainly an overwhelming and exhausting season for us. But in this moment, right now, it’s absolute joy.

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James Taylor’sLullaby 

On the commute home, and wanted to jot down some memories from the weekend. We had a fun and full Saturday and a verrrrrry quiet (and needed) Sunday.

On Saturday morning, we drove to Oakland for my work’s summer party. Here’s Diego getting ready-in his Justice in Aging onesie!

Later that afternoon, we met up with Alex and Rebecca in their beautiful home. Alex made these incredible vinegar-seltzer water drinks, and we enjoyed yummy appetizers before heading to SF to see…

James Taylor!!! Alex and Rebecca were SO generous and invited us to join them at the concert. I LOVE James Taylor and the thought of seeing him at AT&T Park was THRILLING!

Diego already had a James Taylor newsboy cap, it’s almost like he knew this would be his first concert:

We ordered noise-cancelling headphones, which, btw, beyond being useful, are adorable.

Bonnie Raitt opened, and our seats were excellent. While I loved seat-dancing to Something to Talk About, I started to worry it was all a little to loud for Diego.

So, we moved further back in the stadium for James Taylor and it was much better.

James Taylor was excellent. He opened with Carolina in my Mind-so beautiful. Diego fell asleep soon after that. My favorite part-and the one that really brought on the tears-was listening to him sing Sweet Baby James, while holding my sleeping Diego in my arms. It was awesome.

So thankful for Alex and Rebecca’s generosity and being able to enjoy such a special night! A very happy memory :)

Sunday was verrrrry low key. When I look at the photos from Saturday, my first thought is “ouch. I look tired.” And I am. The work/commute adjustment, coupled with an intennnnnse 4 month sleep regression, is hitting me hard. So, we spent a lot of Sunday, hanging out and napping.

Exactly what we all needed :)

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Whoa! We’re halfway through July. Summer is flying…before too much more time passes, a few memories from the first half of summer:

I spent the last week-ish of leave in Irvine with Diego at my parent’s house. He got to try out the piano and actually seemed pretty into it! (Not pictured: baby concentration drool).

Also during leave, for the last month, I tried to challenge myself to do something new everyday. A lot of it was baby firsts, but I ended up discovering some fun drink recipes. This is a blackberry-basil lemonade.

And, with all the heat, ended up making a lot of Campari spritz.

Hanging at the beach :)

It was so nice to relax with family before heading back to work.

And Diego was great on his second flight to Sacramento!

Back in Stockton, it’s been HOT. We keep talking about “the heat wave,” but like…when is it a wave and when is it just a brutal July? David’s been working hard to put sod in the backyard and get the deck useable-here’s a “during” photo. Grateful for all his effort-the weather has been less than ideal.

Diego has been pretty chill through all the heat :)

Diego and his grandma! So, so grateful for allll of my mom’s help and time this month.

Also, big moment this summer: getting this HAT! I mean, I know every parent is smitten with their kid, but this hat on this little head!

Last weekend, we escaped the heat and spent the day at Half Moon Bay. A cloudy morning at the beach, with a thermos of hot coffee, and two grandmas to hold your baby so you can enjoy it = just wonderful.

We celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday with dinner at Mile Wine. Wednesday is a commuting day for me, so I was reluctant to make plans, assuming I would be too tired. We ended up rallying and having a great time at dinner. AND-the Mile Wine wine tasting flight is so fun. We ended the evening re-watching our wedding video :)

Molly graciously invited us to her family’s house in St. Helena this weekend. It was AMAZING. Incredibly relaxing and so restorative to be in the company of wonderful friends. Can’t wait to write more about it-but this is one of my favorite photos. The parent paparazzi, snapping photos of the babies at the winery. Ha!

Sending good thoughts for the week :)

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4 months!

On Wednesday, Diego Antonio turned 4 months old!

He’s becoming ever more aware of the world around him. Watching him tune in and interact is such a thrill. Sometimes he still looks like such a baby-when he’s drooling, curled up in his sleep sack, napping on me-and sometimes, like here, he looks like a little boy! 

A few (mostly summery) firsts this month:

First time in a lake: At Pinecrest, but the water was entirely too cold to even dip his toes.

First time in a pool: On Father’s Day, at David’s dad’s house. He’s been in a pool a few times since (including his first swim class last week!) and each time he’s pretty…neutral. Doesn’t love it, doesn’t hate it. We’ll see if his inner Pisces flourishes with time.

First ferry ride! After the beach one afternoon, while we were in Irvine. He slept through the entire ride to Balboa Island.

First trip to In-n-Out and Ruby’s: California’s two greatest contributions to cheeseburger and French fry lovers. Someday he’ll be able to enjoy both.

First drive down south on the 5: Really not a lot to say about that. Its a loooong drive.

First time attending a birthday party: Mira’s 1st birthday! Babies in the ball pit = beyond adorable.

First week and a half with his mom at work: Diego and I took the first steps in getting used to me returning to work. Thankfully, we’re slowly ramping up into that new reality as my awesome mom is staying with us and watching Diego for this first month. So grateful!

Thankful for this month of growth and discovery with Diego :)

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