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Diego Fridays

Whoops-wrote this last week and never posted. Hoping to have a moment to write about the most exciting recent event-Janou and Max’s wedding! Until then, some thoughts on hanging out with Diego :)

Writing this on my phone, with a napping Diego on my chest, aka, my happy place. When planning out my parental leave, I received some excellent advice: take a little time ramping up to a 100% return to work.

Thankfully, my organization is very family friendly, and they were open to my request to work four days a week during my first three months back. Since returning, I’ve spent Fridays at home with this sweet face:

Today is my last Diego Friday, and I’ll be back to 100% next week. I’m so grateful for these Fridays off. I’ve absolutely treasured the time and look forward to my Diego day all week. I also learned that working 80% is actually really hard, and it will be good to have more dedicated hours (and daycare time) to get stuff done.

That said, I’m definitely going to miss these special days! The past few months have been…chaotic…and I haven’t handled everything as well as I had hoped. Having these days helped keep me relatively sane and I’m thankful for the extra hours of snuggling and giggling that we had each week. 

Some Fridays we would be getting ready for a trip, so those days were usually a blur of packing, house cleaning, cramming the weekend errands, and hitting the road.

But on the Fridays where we didn’t have to be anywhere, we just chilled. They tended to look something like this:

Sleeping a little later than usual and snuggling in the morning.

Daily Diego Photo Shoots!

Checking in on e-mail together

Mid-day walks and naps through the neighborhood and UOP…usually followed by a trip to Gian’s for my favorite turkey sandwich. 

Floor time! In the living room and the yard.

More naps and snuggles…

And, until recently, with David’s new long days and commute, prepping for happy hour and dinner on the deck :)

Oh Diego, I hope I soaked up each moment of these special Fridays together. I can’t believe you’ll be seven months soon and it boggles my mind how much you’ve grown. Grateful for every moment that we spend together, and so thankful for these simple, happy days together :)


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Hello, Friday :)

Thanks to a work trip to LA earlier this week, Diego and I have been spending the week in Irvine with my parents. It’s been SO nice to be together. I took Thursday and today off from work and I’m soaking up and relishing lots and lots of Diego cuddles. 

We had an early dinner tonight and drove towards the water to watch the sunset. It was stunning.
It hardly feels like the end of summer-it’s scorching all across California! Particularly excited it’s the first of September…this means it’s Janou and Max’s wedding month!


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Summer, lately 

Happy Friday! August is wrapping up and soon enough…we’ll be kissing summer goodbye.

Because it was such a brutally hot one, I can’t say I’m sad to see summer end, though I do love the longer days. Before another season arrives, wanted jot down some memories from the second half of summer. In reverse chronological order, thanks to my WordPress confusion, some moments:


Despite the clouds and the fact that we were far from the path of totality, I enjoyed the 15 minute parking-lot roof gathering to “see” the eclipse. The best part was looking at all the people standing on roofs, peering out windows, and gathering on the street corners to catch a glimpse of the moon.

Last weekend, we celebrated Melissa and Baby Hua!  Molly planned all the sweet decorations and food, and we had a great time gathering together. Can’t wait for October :)


Jon and Melissa got a diaper backpack, so of course I had to take a picture of the Jon and David with their matching gear. Side note: how did it take us nearly 5 months to buy pacifier clips?? Game changer. I crack up when I see Diego with his in the morning before daycare-it’s like his work ID badge. Clipped on, ready to go.


The dads went to lunch during the shower and this photo-Diego’s napkin umbrella, protecting him from the hazards of a chicken sandwich-made me smile.

In other Diego news, I think he’s getting too big for his kitchen sink bath. Haven’t tried a bath in the bathtub yet, but starting to think it’s time. He’s never particularly loved it, but the fact he might be too big for that quintessential sink bath makes me feel like time is moving too fast.

It’s ok, he’s still a total baby :)

In an attempt to improve Diego’s bottle feedings, we’re trying to give him bottles during the day, even during the weekends. Which means more pumping. UGHHH.  Anyway, Sunday afternoon, I’m pumping, and Diego embarks on a one-man mission to take down the pump. No joke, for at least 10 minutes, he sat next to me, launching these sneak attacks, swatting at the pump.  He was so determined! The photo (and my writing) does none of this justice, but it was hilarious and David and I were CRYING with laughter.

The past few weekends we carved out some very quiet Sundays and I’m very grateful.  This is not a frequent scene–Diego napping, leisurely drinking coffee and reading the paper–but when it all comes together, I reaalllllyyyy treasure it.

Been working on the whole meal planning/cooking during the week post-work with baby-groove, and so far, it’s going ok.  The best routine music and dancing for Diego while he supervises dinner prep from the Bumbo :)



We brought Diego to his first baseball game–a Saturday night Ports game–and he was great!

David finished the backyard and it is delightful! He also built this planter box and in the two weeks since this photo was taken the basil has TAKEN OFF. So much basil-need to make pesto.

It’s finally cooled down just enough that the mornings and evenings are quite pleasant.  We’ve spent most evenings out here and I love being able to get some fresh air and relax.

And a few photos I never posted about from July-a hike through Big Trees and Diego’s swim lessons!

Sending good thoughts for the weekend :)

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5 months!

On Saturday, Diego Antonio turned 5 months old!

His smile!

The lateness and brevity of this post reflect the general spirit of the month. It was a month of sweet firsts, incredible time with grandma, hot hot hot weather, and a lot of changes.

Some firsts:

  • First big trees: Family hike at Big Trees State Park!
  • First concert: James Taylor at AT&T Park
  • First non-breast-milk food: He’s staaaaarting to enjoy rice cereal
  • First full week at daycare: We all survived!
  • First bachelorette party: Ha! Stopping by his Aunt Janou’s party :)
  • First weekend trip with friends: Weekend in St. Helena
  • First swim classes: At the UOP pool-really just floating in Mom’s arms classes, but still so sweet

We are SO grateful my mom generously spent the whole month with Diego while I transitioned back to work. It gave me great peace of mind, but more than that, it was beautiful watching the two of them play and relish their time together.

Not being someone who handles change..with ease…having my mom’s steady reassurance helped with the sometimes hectic month. Diego really leaned into the 4 month sleep regression and it’s been pretty exhausting.

Honestly, all I want to do all day is keep him cozy against me, like a little kangaroo, squeezing and kissing him. The other day, I had a moment of panic: Is sending him to daycare a bad idea? Maybe I should find a way to just hold him ALL DAY.

And then, after taking a deep breath, and looking at him, rolling around on the floor, chatting (actually Howard Dean-style screaming) to himself, I calmed down. He needs to grow, be around other kids, he can’t be in my arms all the time. Keeping him in my clutches keeps me happy, but it’s not actually helping him grow.

And oh man, it is awesome to see him grow! Feeling so lucky, this Friday evening, watching him play with his Clifford, listening to Van Morrison, and gearing up for a weekend with my favorite five month old :)

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Diego, right now

It’s 3:07 on Saturday afternoon, and Diego is five months old today. I hope to take some five months photos in a bit, and write more about his firsts, but right now, I just want to stop time for a moment.

All I want to do is freeze these moments, and keep them somewhere, so when time moves on, and I’m overwhelmed by…something…I can beam back to this moment.

To Diego right now.

His little cheek on my chest, his arms around my body, his little peach fuzz of hair at the top of his head. His little baby breaths-little spurts in and out-and I can see his back, rising and falling with each one.

His skin is so soft, and when he wiggles I catch a scent of detergent, lotion, and baby breath. I can’t stop staring at his eyelashes, his snobby upper lip, and that tiny little chin (with a layer of baby chin fat below :)).

He just smiled in his sleep! Ahh…sleeping baby grins.

We had quite an afternoon getting to this point. It’s been a month of pretty rotten night sleep overall, and his naps are not much better. After a brief morning nap in the stroller, and a cat nap in bed, I fought a losing battle for a solid, afternoon crib nap. With the Ergo in the living room, part of me said, “just give in…just wear him, let him sleep.” While the exhausted new mother, following whatever sleep method I’m pinning my hopes on now said, “no, no, no. He needs to sleep in the crib, he needs to learn.”

Obviously, I caved. It was the third voice-the adjusting to working motherhood voice-that broke me: “you’re away from him all week! Curl up with that baby, let him hear your heartbeat, and soak up that sweet baby nap!”

And man, I’m so grateful I did. Less than 5 minutes of Ergo time and he was out. And now, I’m relishing a blissful afternoon of baby naps, living in the life of Diego right now.

It’s so hard to be in the moment with this parenting thing, and so hard to know which voice to follow, what way is right. This is certainly an overwhelming and exhausting season for us. But in this moment, right now, it’s absolute joy.

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