8 months :)

On Sunday, Diego turned 8 months old!

And he is ON THE MOVE. This was definitely a month of monumental growth. The month began with army crawls and now he’s fully crawling, moving everywhere. 

It’s a thrill to watch. He’s determined: sometimes he sticks his tongue out a little, focused on his destination, and sometime he sucks on his lower lip, making his way across the kitchen.

We have to watch him all the time, but it’s also a relief seeing him become (slightly) more independent. He still loves being held, but being able to step away and watch him explore allows me to see him in a new way-a way that I couldn’t when he was so attached. I’m seeing him more as his own little person, driven by curiosity (and an unrelenting interest in anything he shouldn’t play with). Anyway, it’s just fun!

He’s also eating more, and seems happier as a result. At around six months, for a number of reasons, we started giving him formula. This month, we mostly transitioned to formula during the day, and breastfeeding when we’re home. The combination of a fuller baby and less pumping pressure is a nice relief for all of us.

His top gums are SO swollen, but those stubborn teeth have yet to pop! So,Diego is chilling with gummy uppers, and two little jack-o-lantern teeth on the bottom.

I get a kick out of watching him learn. Linda (his daycare teacher) is wonderful. He’s always learning something new, and lately he’s been clapping and waving and it’s a delight to see him piece everything together. 

A few firsts from this month:

First trip to a farm! We went to a fundraiser for Puentes at Boggs Tract Farm last weekend. It was a gorgeous farm brunch on a perfectly sunny fall morning. And Diego seemed particularly taken by the chickens. A few weeks before that, we went to Jessie’s Grove and Diego loved seeing the horses on the winery.

First Halloween and first pumpkin patch: Both adorable :)

First time sleeping in his own room: THANK GOODNESS. I can’t believe how long it to me to get on board. Never thought I would be such an attached parent, but I guess I am? It’s been a good move, and I love his bedtime routine in his sweet little space.

It’s pretty wild to me that Diego has been with us for almost as long as I was pregnant. Time moves so fast! So grateful to be able to watch him grow.


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Neighborhood in the Fall

We’re smack dab in the middle of the prettiest season in our neighborhood. 

It’s getting windy and leave are starting to fall. (OMG. Wait. Is this why it’s called fall? Quick Google break. Yes! It is! Am I the last person to put this together? This is like discovering the letter “D” in the Disney logo).

ANYWAY, eager to catch a few photos before the leaves all fall, I took Diego on a longer walk home after daycare today.
Glorious golden trees!

Love a good tree canopy.

And a good walk partner :)

Who is now snuggled up and totally tuckered out. Gotta rest up for the long weekend :)

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Wrote this on Saturday. Thought I hit publish-but guess I had not. Now, re-reading it, after Sunday’s tragedy in Texas, I almost feel like deleting it. Especially the last sentence.  Feeling pretty shaken and scared by the horrific violence in Texas. I can’t stop thinking about the families. I’m trying not to read too much about the morning, as I don’t want to click on anything that in any way amplifies the violence. I just want to think and pray for the families that are broken, the people that are lost.  In this little corner, I don’t know how to document and memory-keep the moments of our life during a time, during a year, that is so difficult.  All I want to do is hold my baby, hug my family, hug my friends, and just hope for better. It is particularly difficult to process all of this without a leader with vision and heart. So, seeking some comfort and guidance in President Obama’s words: “May God also grant us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.” Amen.

Anyway, here was what was on my mind on Friday:

It’s 9:00 pm on a Friday night. I’ve got a snoozing baby next to me, a glass of Michael David Petit Petit waiting for me in the dining room, and that happy-content feeling that happens after a delicious bowl of Gian’s gnocchi with (garden basil!!) pesto sauce.

So, seems like as good a time as any to catch up on the last few weeks of October. Here’s what’s been happening around here..

It’s getting chilly!! Here’s a bundled Diego pre-morning walk:

David turned 33!!

We celebrated with friends a week before his birthday. On his actual birthday, he just wanted to hang out at home and cook. No complaints here. He made amazing braised short ribs.

Unfortunately, later that night-through the morning, I had to take a trip to the ER. A mosquito bit me while I was hanging out in the yard with Diego. Several hours later my finger was completely swollen, and my rings were starting to cut off my circulation. The only solution? Cut off the rings. Ughh. Very frustrating. And oddly unsettling-I keep reaching for them, and I get a quick pang of sadness they’re gone. Hopefully, I’ll get them re-banded soon.

Later that day, we checked out another winery, and the small pops of fall colors were beautiful:

Diego has been cycling in and out of colds and teething, which is frustrating for him, but his rosy cheeks are darling :)

UPDATE: Diego woke up. Continuing on with this post Saturday afternoon. Diego and David are grocery shopping and I have the whole, quiet house to myself…

Anyway, I went back to DC last week. I was mostly at a conference, but caught a quick glimpse of fall colors on the way to the airport:

And, my awesome parents came up to help out! The three night trip felt a lot longer than two nights, so I was particularly grateful for their help with Diego:

And it’s so special seeing Diego and Abu together:

Last Sunday, we met up with the Dillons for Boo at the Zoo. David was…incredibly excited. Diego played it cool the whole time :)

And here we are! The first weekend of November. Hope it’s a quiet and relaxing one for all.

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Family Balance 

Once a month, I eagerly wake Diego up, dress him, and plop him in front of this silly poster board and photograph his new month. In the days leading up, I get excited-he’s another month older! And there’s something about pausing and marking the new month that I love. It almost reminds me of the anticipation David and I would feel every Sunday morning, while I was pregnant. We’d wake up, race to grab our phones, and check a weekly alert on the baby’s size. The size of a poppy seed, a chocolate chip, a blueberry, and eventually, an apple, a cauliflower, a baby. 

Anyway, though I get excited each month, there’s a small part of me that feels a bit…sad? Nostalgic? As he grows, he grows further from being a baby, from the sweet puppy-faced newborn that slept for hours on my chest. I realize these moments, these months and years are SO fleeting and time is flying by. 

However, the nostalgia spiral isn’t productive and distracts from the wonder of Diego’s growth. He grows a little more each day, discovering he can clasp, crawl, babble and giggle and it’s WONDERFUL. And for all the moments of marvel so far, there will be more.

Which brings me to my latest joyful observation: a family at SFO. Last week, I got on the AirBART. It was late. I was tired, and frustrated that my already long journey across country was far from over as we live SO FREAKING FAR from the nearest airport. But I digress.

Anyway, there’s a family of four on the BART. And all of a sudden, just before the train starts moving, the dad goes, “ok, 3..2..1!” And then, almost on cue, they each lean forward, throw one leg back in the air, and suddenly they’re all “subway surfing,” trying to keep their balance on the moving train. As they topple, and the suitcases roll, they’re giggling, watching each other, snapping photos, reveling in the moment. And then we stop, and they do it all again.

They were all getting such a kick out of the game. And here’s the crazy part. The kids? TEENAGERS! And they genuinely seemed to enjoy this game with their parents. Maybe they were all going to Hawaii?

Who knows? All I know is I had to resist my inner creeper and stop myself from taking a photo as it all made me so happy.

And I realized, that yes, these baby days are flying and the bitty baby stages are getting farther away, but there’s so much to look forward to. 

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Halloween 2017 

Hello, November! As L.M. Montgomery wrote in Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.” And this one flew by. It’s been fairly fall-like-chilly mornings, crunchy leaves-and I’m enjoying this gorgeous season. Hope to catch up on the last few weeks soon, but for now, wanted to jot down Diego’s first Halloween.

He was pretty unenthusiastic about greeeting the day, but we eventually got up, dressed, and out the door for day care.  Linda made little trick-or-treat bags for all the kids and it was sweet seeing the older children’s excitement.

I picked him up that evening and we made a mad-dash to the supermarket for candy. The tricker-treaters were already out for the evening and Diego surveyed it all with wide-eyed curiousity.

Check out this crawling little shark!

We received a surprising number of kids and almost ran out of candy. I find the high-chair feeding process slightly tedious, so the trick-or-treating interruptions made the evening more lively. And Diego seemed thoroughly entertained.

As an avid COJ and DALS reader, I’m totally sold in the idea of inventing rituals and traditions with holidays. Also, as Adri’s mom once said, we’re now the orchestrator of memories, and it’s exciting to begin tradition-making. Not sure if this one will stick, but I made my favorite tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner and it felt like just the right cozy complement for Halloween.

David came home, and after dinner and baby giggles, it was time to say goodnight to Halloween 2017! 

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