First apartment 

We’re starting to pack up boxes and plan for our move to the new house. It’s exciting and has me thinking about place and home, the future and the past. I hope to take a few photos and write about our little apartment in Rockridge, our first married apartment, but I also want to remember our first ever apartment to in DC. I was so flustered and overhwlemed throughout the move, I forgot to take photos to remember it.

So, here’s a few I collected from insta/FB, to help me remember that sweet, happy apartment in Eastern Market.  

We lived on a beautiful, tree-lined street, steps from the market and restaurants.  The location was a dream-we could walk, bike and metro anywhere in the city.

Our apartment was in the basement of a pretty townhouse, where our landlords lived.  We loved our landlords-they were kind and encouraging, and made us feel so welcome. I remember the weekend we got engaged, sharing the news with them in the laundry room. Tracy was so excited-she and Georgia started singing Going to the Chapel-and she and her David lit up, sharing the story of the weekend they got engaged. It was so sweet.


Looking back, now I think about how dark and humid the aparment was, but at the time I just thought it was charming and cozy. It had exposed brick, built-ins and a fireplace-what more could I want?


Nothing topped coming home on a freezing Friday after work, lighting the fire, ordering Indian food, and settling in for a cozy evening. That fire was so calming.

I’m grateful we now live above ground, but the three years in a basement weren’t bad.  I remember one day, walking up to the apartment, and overhearing Georgia and one of her friends giggling, and her friend screams “there’s the lady who lives in your basement!!” Ha! I never thought about how many young kids in Capitol Hill grow up with these random people practically living in their home and how strange it must be.


It wasn’t ideal for entertaining, but we love having people over for dinner, so we made it work.  This is Passover 2013 :) That’s an all-star group-wish I could scoop them all up and have them over to Passover this year.


The neighborhood was beautiful.  This is Lincoln Park in the snow. We loved walking down to Lincoln Park after work, watching all the Capitol Hill dogs run around.


And P&C Market! This adorable little corner market a few blocks away was such a treat. Totally absurd prices, all fancy, out of reach gourmet foods, but it was adorable and charming, and we let ourselves indulge on their Polyface eggs and they were HEAVENLY.   

  And last, our landlord’s pretty backyard. They kindly lent us pretty carafes and party goods for our engagement BBQ and let us use the whole space. It was so kind and a very special memory.

Back to the present! Time to get to work :) Have a great week!

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